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An irate Purple Man contacts Bushmaster to demand why his job is not complete; he says it is complicated, as he is currently battling Lady Stilt-Man. Stilt-Man manages to defeat him. As Death-Stalker battles Bombshell, Headhunter sends in a third operative, Monster, who takes the form of Hawkeye (the thing Crossfire fears most) and battles Crossfire. Meanwhile, Speed Demon, working on Misty Knight’s team, races away with the package they are all fighting over.

Purple Man once again tells Headhunter to find out who keeps one-upping them, and kill them. Later, at the Bar With No Name, Headhunter confronts Tiger Shark and Bombshell, attempting to recruit them for her side. A quick brawl breaks out, with Tiger Shark throwing Shocker through a window. Headhunter offers them a lot of money to listen to her, and they eventually agree to work for her and Purple Man. Though they do not know exactly who they work for, they have an address which Purple Man gives them $30,000 for. Headhunter sends Scourge to the address, where they learn Misty Knight is the ringleader of the competing gang of criminals.

Purple Man is suspicious and wants more intel before they act. As they observe her, Paladin visits Misty, and is surprised to find her running an operation after Heroes for Hire shut down. He suspects it’s her who’s been running villains against Purple Man, but she denies it. An argument ensues, and when Paladin threatens to tell Luke and Danny about her operation, she blasts him. Purple Man says she just got credible.

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• It’s a twisty and vicious super criminal clash as two of the nastiest crews go to war! • Has Misty Knight finally gone bad? • Featuring cult faves like Avalanche, Shocker, Tiger Shark and Scourge!

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