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Vinatos was the Medical Regent in charge of the health and well-being of the the Inhuman Royal Family.[1]

After the fall of their city Attilan, Queen Medusa tasked Vinatos with the examination of the new Inhuman Inferno, his sister, Gabriela, and the cocoon of their deceased mother. Dante became very ill-tempered and told Vinatos to stay away from his family. Vinatos then got verbal after Dante insulted Queen Medusa, but Medusa told Vinatos to let it go, saying that the boy was unfamiliar with their customs.[1]

He would later assist Kamala Khan after a violent encounter and would introduce Kamala to her nature as an Inhuman.[2]

Vinatos would perish confronting by The Unspoken who had taken over the city of Attilan. As he distracted the tyrant, the latter killed him with a powerful energy blast, as The Unspoken recalled Vinatos had not supported him when the former was driven from the throne. Inferno, Naja and Flint then succeeded in defeating The Unspoken.[3]

During his funeral, Queen Medusa (having been affected by the inversion spell while in Genosha[4]) threw his coffin into the sea.[5]

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