Vince Dio is the brother of Jack "Jackie" Dio. They both worked under Silvermane just prior to the surge in super-humans and costumed beings in the New York crime scene, both as superheroes and super-villains. Vince saw that super-human enhancement was the way of the future, however, after their father's death at the hands of a costumed criminal, Jack was vehemently against allowing super criminals into organized crime.
Charged with taking care of his brother Vince, Jackie and Vince came to blows over bringing in super criminals into their criminal activities. Vince would eventually overstep his boundaries, and Jackie would beat him senseless and tell him to leave town. Vince would then work with the police in trapping his brother, and although Jackie would hold his ground against the police, the intervention by Spider-Man would lead to Jackie's arrest that would land him in the Cage for the next 10 years.
In that time, Vince would get strength enhancements from the Consultant, an underworld provider of enhanced abilities and advanced weapons. He would become Mister Pain, a high-ranking enforcer in the Owl's mob. In modern times, when Jackie Dio has been released from prison, in trying to get back into the underworld, Jackie would be worked over by Vince. After the experience, Jackie would target the Owl's operation and would be manipulated by the Consultant into becoming the super-criminal known as Underworld.
Vince's private vendetta against Jackie, and his desire to stop him from ruining Jackie's attempt to work for the Owl would lead to a final confrontation between the two in which Jackie, thanks to his enhancements by the Consultant is able to beat Mr. Pain, and would kill him for all the trouble he's given Jackie since getting out of prison.[1]


As Mr. Pain, Vince had enhanced strength to a super-human degree.

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