The Sub-Mariner swims to Sea View, an island resort town where Betty is vacationing. There he is introduced to Betty's friend and fellow reporter Ed Jordan who has been vacationing with her. Namor offers to pull Ed on his surfboard for fun. However the fun turns tragic when suddenly Ed's surfboard explodes, killing him. Investigating the remains of the surfboard, the Sub-Mariner finds a strange chemical explosive that was sensitive to sunlight.

While learning where Ed kept his surfboard from Betty, the sheriff and Mr. Vincent of the chamber of commerce arrive to investigate the scene. They learn that this is the islands first murder in over twenty years. Namor passes his hunch to the sheriff about the explosive gum and the killer placing it in the storage shack. When the sheriff goes to investigate, Namor and Betty realize he's woefully qualified for the job when he starts poking around with a magnifying glass. However, the sheriff finds a cufflink with the initials "J.N." on it and suspects that the killer is Jed Norris, the owner of the Sea View Hotel and rushes off to interrogate him.

Suspecting Jordan was on a lead to a sensitive story, Namor and Betty head toward Ed's cottage. There they find evidence that Ed was about to expose the biggest racket run on the island for years. All they learn is that it involves a school house and it's teacher Laura Joy, before they are attacked by some men who knock them both out and steal Ed's notes.

When the two revive, they head to the school house. As they pass by the Sea View Hotel where Jed Norris is being arrested over protests from his daughter Ann. Talking to Ms. Norris, she explains that the case against her father is pat as his hobby is chemistry. When they asks her about Laura Joy, Mr. Norris does not recognize the name. They begin canvassing all the local school houses but find no trace of this Laura Joy. Namor decides to take a break by swimming along the island, and finds a school house that was not on their list.

Inside, he finds a man with a large sum of money. When Namor attempts to confront the man, he is blinded with chalk brushes. As Namor is recovering, Ann rushes in and is taken hostage by the man who then flees. Betty rushes in soon after and revives Namor. Finding that the man who attacked Namor had fallen on a letter opener, they find a trail of blood and follow it. The tail of blood leads them to the dock. Diving into the water, Namor swims out and finds a boat called the Laura Joy. There Namor finds that Mr. Vincent is the mastermind behind the entire plot. Namor realizes that Vincent used the correspondence school to run their rackets. Before Namor stop Vincent, he pulls out a bomb and threatens to blow up the whole boat, killing Ann in the process if Namor does not agree to let him an his men go.

However, when police sirens distract Vincent, Namor throws him out to sea where his bomb explodes killing only himself. With the men taken into custody the Norris family invites Namor to stay in their hotel, but Namor needs to return to the sea and bids everyone farewell. As he goes, the bumbling sheriff tries to convince Namor that he knew Jed Norris was innocent the whole time.[1]

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