In 1978 while still going by his birth name of Robert Fragosi he graduated from Quantico and joined the F.B.I.. As Fragosi he was sent after Logan 'The Wolverine', a famous killer who the F.B.I. had left alone as he only killed criminals, up until a regime change in the bureau had them trying to bring him down. Fragosi surveyed Logan personally with no idea that Logan had enhanced senses capable of informing he was being watched. Logan easily gave Fragosi the slip and killed the men he had been after. Fragosi was disgraced and spiraled into drug and alcohol addiction which cost him position at the bureau as well as his marriage. Throughout the 1980s he used his knowledge of law enforcement and crime to become a successful bank robber, even making number nine on the Bureau's most wanted list before his capture.[1]

Fragosi was arrested by the F.B.I. and sent to prison where, due to his former career in law enforcement, he suffered greatly. After decades imprisoned he broke out and happened across Logan who had lost his memory. Fragosi, now going by Vincent Briscoe, blamed Logan for the trajectory of his life based on their single encounter where they never personally interacted. He hoped to use the fact that Logan was wanted by the authorities to blackmail him into providing him with money, Logan discovered that Briscoe couldn't tell him anything more about his past and that he had killed a man he escaped with and killed Briscoe instead, leaving his body for the coyotes in the Mojave Desert.[1]

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