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Quote1.png It's Vincent. Most of us are unremarkable as children, but Vincent was different. He could travel in time. Too bright, too curious, too independent...And just like the wayward son in some melodrama...Vincent got mixed up with the wrong crowd. It cost him his life. Quote2.png

Vincent Destine was the child of the immortal Adam Destine and the Djinn Elalyth. Vincent was killed by his father.[4]



Compared to his siblings, Vincent was adept at using his magical gifts at a very young age. As a child, Vincent was already able to travel in time, tap into other dimensions, and summon elementals. When he was still a child, Vincent summoned an earth elemental (who was actually the Thing) to act as his bodyguard as he traveled to ancient Rome and to the jurassic era. He reappeared at Ravenscroft Manor five years after his disappearance, wearing his same clothes but with fresh wounds. To figure out what was happening, Adam consulted with Newton and Albert Einstein.[4]

As a child, Vincent time-traveled to before 1949 to give Chen Yu a mystic box that when opened would release a Hellspawn.[3] Chen Yu was able to use this box in a battle against Wolverine who almost died if not for the timely intervention of Adam Destine.[4]

In 1969, an adolescent Vincent attended Woodstock with his brothers Will, Newton, Sebastian, Maurice, and Dominic using Adam's VW van. During the festival, Vincent was summoned a fire elemental (who was actually the Human Torch).[4]

While he was still a man, Vincent traveled to ancient Egypt to convince Neb Maat to gather and embalm the Heliopolitan hybrids.[3]


As Vincent grew older, he became disenchanted with the world. Believing that the Destine family has a responsibility to make the world better. Tapping on the power of the other dimensional realm, he was able to hurt even the invulnerable Adam Destine, however, in the end, Adam believing that the body of Vincent has been possessed by the creatures from that dimension, was forced to end Vincent's life.[4] Vincent's death left Ravenscroft Manor in ruins and caused a rift within the Destine family, especially to Dominic who understood Vincent.[5][6] Adam also exile himself in deep space.[7]


After Adam Destine saved his wife and the Clan Destine from Alpha by absorbing the mystical energies of the Destine's stolen by Alpha and his clones, and returning it Elalyth and their children, some of the mystical energies remained and these energies strangely went to the grave of Vincent Destine.[2][4]

Apparently, the mystical energies resurrected Vincent but not enough. Vincent soul needed a host in order to manifest on Earth, so he beamed his energies to body of a Plastoid which was apparently being stored by the Fantastic Four. Using the Plastoid, Vincent apparently went about looking for a human host to possess but all the human he possesses dies apparently because it could not handle the energies possessed by Vincent's soul. These deaths in Hell's Kitchen were noticed by it's resident guardian angel, Daredevil. But it appears that one of the Destine, Cuckoo was also looking for Vincent. But she apparently lost Vincent when it possessed the Plastoid. Another Destine, Hex was on the other hand looking for Cuckoo in order to stop her from killing Vincent. Cuckoo believed that the energy was not the soul of Vincent but an evil corrupted soul of Vincent. Hex believed otherwise, and was trying to catch Cuckoo in order to stop her, but Hex's search was interrupted by Daredevil who was also looking for Cuckoo. Daredevil confronted Hex and knocked him unconscious, Doctor Strange then arrived and explained to Daredevil what was happening.

Daredevil then confronted the possessed Plastoid which forcibly entered the American Museum of Natural History, where the Daredevil fought the Plastoid. Cuckoo tried to destroy the intelligence possessing the Plastoid with a mental blast but was reflected back at her. In the end, Daredevil defeated the Plastoid using a metal shaft connecting it to high voltage electricity, melting the Plastoid.[8]

But the soul of Vincent survived, and Cuckoo recruited Wolverine to help her destroy Vincent's soul. Wolverine reluctantly agreed and they went to the American Museum of Natural History where Vincent's soul was last seen. Vincent's soul still possessing the melted body of the Plastoid, resurrected the mummified remains of the hybrid children of the Heliopolitan Pantheon and taking the essence of the Elder Gods. Vincent then shifted the entire museum to an occult dimension where he could use his powers even without a host.

When Wolverine and Cuckoo arrived, Vincent put Wolverine's healing powers to the test by making Wolverine fight the resurrected hybrids. Testing his resiliency in order to make sure the body survive the possession. However, the other members of Clan Destine arrived and with the help of Crimson Crusader and Imp who were able to disrupt Vincent's stay in the occult dimension. Losing powers fast, Vincent tried to instill the essence of the Elder Gods in Wolverine but Wolverine deflected it, and when Vincent tried to possess him, by sheer force of will, Wolverine was able to reject the possession. It is still uncertain if the entity is really the soul of Vincent Destine or if it was destroyed or not.[3]



Due to his magical heritage, Vincent possesses several powers including:

  • Interdimensional and Time Travel: Vincent can travel through time and across alternate realities at will.
    • Elemental Summoning: Vincent believes that he can summon Elementals to serve and aid him, but he has only been seen summoning and banishing the Thing and the Human Torch through different periods of time.[4]
  • Size Alteration: Vincent can alter the size of the Elementals he summons.[4] It is clear if his is based on magic learned or based on his natural powers.
  • Advanced Longevity: Like the other members of his family, Vincent aged slowly after adolescence.[4]

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