Vincent Farnsworth was the company manager of Farnsworth Safe Company, specialized in safes and vaults.[1]

At a club he frequented, he had an argument with Henry Marsh, who revealed to him his theory of powered people, the mutants, with abilities such as mind-reading, defying gravity or moving through walls. According to Marsh, most of them were unaware of their own powers, and the others kept them secret from normal men who would fear and distrust them. Farnsworth laughed at that theory, and departed to his office.[1]

There, a new vault was then sent into his office. Still thinking about Marsh's mutants, Farnsworth entered the safe in order to check his new product, and was accidentally trapped inside by Joe, the janitor.[1]

Suffocating in the safe, Farnsworth revealed himself a mutant by moving through the safe, saving himself.[1]

Understanding that he was one of the mutants, and why Marsh had stated they remained in secrecy, Farnsworth decided to remain hidden as well.[1]

One week later, Marsh and Farnsworth met again at the club, and while Marsh asked him again about his theory, Farnsworth pretended to still think the idea fake, while asking himself if Marsh was not a mutant himself.[1]


Intangibility: Farnsworth theorized that "in a moment of stress, some chemical reaction in [his] body must set off a force which enables [him] to move through solid matter".[1]

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