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Quote1 Blast that silly girl! Stark's completely taken with her—he'd give her more than any other buyer! Her hesitating and dawdling are keeping that quick, fat fee from me! Without that money, I can't control him much longer! Quote2
Vincent Sandhurst


Attorney to Cord Industries and its founder Drexel Cord. Sandhurst became more prominent in the company when Drexel Cord died, leaving his young daughter Janice Cord in charge of this significant industrial company.

It was later revealed that Vincent had a disabled brother Basil Sandhurst. Vincent felt —and was— responsible for Basil's accident which left him crippled and grotesquely disfigured. Vincent illegally took funds from Cord Industries and gave money to Basil in order for him to walk again. However, Basil used the funds and his unique genius to become the villainous Controller.

Vincent Sandhurst's circle of contemporaries has shrunken greatly. Drexel Cord and his daughter Janice are both deceased. His brother Basil has been in great mortal peril for most of his criminal career. Vincent was eventually dismissed from his influential position at Cord Industries.

Vincent Sandhurst developed a great animosity for Tony Stark. Sandhurst, in fact, did assassinate The Mercenary, who was at the time disguised as Stark. In the aftermath of this assassination, Vincent Sandhurst also perished, from a gunshot received by The Mercenary earlier.[1]





He was a qualified lawyer. He also had knowledge of accounting, enough to embezzle funds.

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