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Quote1.png Sssstegron craves revenge. And to gain it, I will ally myself with anyone... even you. Quote2.png


Homo arachnis form

Stegron the Dinosaur seemingly had the same history as his Earth-616 counterpart. After being infected with the "Spider-Virus", he was inducted into Spider-Queen's Brain Trust. When Agent Venom's Resistance attacked the base, Venom gave him his serum, freeing him from the Queen's control and turning him back into a dinosaur man.[1]

Escaping to their base, Stegron and Iron Goblin began work on the Retro-Generation Ray. Shortly after, a tracking device was found on Agent 13[2] and the team had to relocate to Avengers Mansion.[2]

Finishing his Retro-Generation Ray, Stegron broke into the American Museum of Natural History and used his machine to reanimate the dinosaur remains within. The subsequent dinosaur stampede was a ploy to draw out the spider army, allowing the rest of the resistance to rage an assault on The Queen's Castle.[3] After watched as Flash and his symbiote sacrificed themselves to get Spider-Queen to fall into Columbus Circle, Stegron and his Dinosaurs ate her.[4]

Days later, he joined the reformed Avengers and became involved in the rebuilding of Avengers Tower and was present when Dino-Thor, the Thor Corps representative of the Valley of Flame, came on behalf of God Emperor Doom to pick a new baron of Spider-Island. Jess and the rest of the Avengers all voted Spider-Man.[4]

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Seemingly those of the Vincent Stegron of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Vincent Stegron of Earth-616.

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