In a reality where the heroes and villains involved in the conflict known as the Secret Wars never returned to Earth from the site of the Wars, Battleworld, Vincent Von Doom was the son of Doctor Doom and Enchantress. Vincent's father had apparently killed his mother at some point in his adolescence.

Vincent had a half-brother, Balder, from his mother's previous relationship with Thor, who she left for Vincent's father.

Inheriting his father's lust for power, Vincent eventually slew him to take his place. He then organized a group of other children of the villains involved in the Secret Wars, and clashed with the children of the heroes, while sending robots to battle the adult heroes. During the conflict, Vincent fought his half-brother, and mocked him for his inferior sorcerous abilities. Nevertheless, Vincent was deafeated. To add insult to injury, Doctor Doom, having foreseen his son's treachery appeared alive and well to spirit Vincent away for punishment.[1]


  • Magic: Malefactor has sorcerous abilities, taught to him by his mother, Amora the Enchantress, and can cast magical spells with a variety of effects, including:
    • transmutation of people and objects
    • projection of force-fields and energy-shields
    • creation and/or destruction of matter and energy
    • absorbing mystical energies to generate powerful energy blasts
    • manipulation of the elemental forces of nature
    • powerful telekinetic and telepathic powers


Malefactor wore a powered battlesuit similar to his father's.

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