Vincente was a mutant who was further mutated into pseudo-vampiric form by Emplate and made a member of his Hellions. Vincente battled Generation X alongside Gayle Edgerton, Murmur, D.O.A. and Bulwark.[1]

On the team's first strike against the young mutants, Vincente hid himself inside of a pot of soup at a restaurant. When M opened the lid to smell it, he entered her lungs and tried to suffocate her. He succeeded in knocking most of the team unconscious, but not before M let out a telepathic cry for help. Her cry was heard by Bishop of the X-Men, who came to her rescue.[2]

Oddly enough, the mutant from the future had a connection to Emplate, as a group of parasitic mutants calling themselves the Emplates plagued Bishop's future timeline. This gave him the incentive he needed to rescue the teens in danger. Vincente tried to attack Bishop in the same manner he did Generation X, but the mutant's natural ability of absorption began to digest Vincente in his mist form. He was able to escape with his life, and left with his teammates after they were beaten.[3]

Vincente returned with Emplate's gang (this time sporting new members) when the villain tried once again to reclaim Penance as his possession. Vincente had learned the ability to make his vapor form poisonous, but that didn't stop him from being beaten yet again. After his ignominious defeat, he never appeared again.[4]

His status after the depowering of the earth's mutant population has yet to be revealed.


Vincente is able to shift his state of matter from solid to liquid to gaseous. In his liquid or gaseous state he is capable of mixing his molecules with the surrounding substances (e.g. dirt, soup, etc) and thereby temporarily take on the properties of what he is mixed with. As he honed his abilities, he learned how to change the composition of his gaseous state so that it would be toxic if inhaled.

  • A character Vincente first appeared in the Age of Apocalypse crossover.
  • His team was identified as the Hellions in advertising only.

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