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Queen Vira was a Deviant who met and married Brother Tode, a high ranking male Deviant. Brother Tode bided his time until the opportunity arose for him to seize power, becoming the King of the Deviants. Vira was with her husband when he ordered Kro to go find the Celestials' cosmic beacon in an attempt to prevent them from returning to Earth.[1]

When Kro returned a failure he was tortured in front of the Deviant royal family. After the torture he begged for forgiveness and promised that he would return to the humans and trick them in the form of their devil so that they would attack the Celestials.[2]

Vira was present during a gladiatorial game between Ransak the Reject and Karkas the Mutate. Later when the Eternal Thena visted to take part in the games she was disgusted by what she considered haughty treatment.[citation needed]

The Royal family survived the flooding of the City of Toads, the capital city of Lemuria. This event was caused by Eson. The royal family made their new home under the streets of New York City. When Kro once again tried to win over the royal court by capturing the Eternals and their ally Thor however, he was once again stopped and their new home destroyed. Tode left his wife Vira fleeing with his lover Dragona.[citation needed]

Vira joined the rest of the Deviants in an attack on the city of Olympia, the home of the Eternals. They were defeated by the Eternals with help from Iron Man (James Rhodes). She and the Deviants from the City of Toads were all molecularly rearranged into a large organic cube and cast into space by the Uni-Mind.[3]


  • The Deviant priest-lord Ghaur once claimed to have witnessed the birth of Ranar, who tore himself out of his mother's body in the process.[4] Assuming that Ghaur was being truthful, this would indicate that either Vira's life was saved by Deviant medical knowledge, or that she is actually Ranar'a stepmother.

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