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Virginia Dare was the daughter of Ananias Dare, and the first English child born in the Americas. In this world, the Roanoke Colony did not disappear in the 1580's, and its colonists, including Virginia, were saved from starvation by a local Native American tribe including a time-displaced Steven Rogers under the alias Rojhaz. By 1587, the year which the Roanoke colony was supposed to disappear, Virginia witnessed the destabilization of reality as mysterious weather appeared over America and the world. As a result, Dare, at the age of 8, touched the rift caused by Steven Roger's arrival and gained the ability to transform into animals. Only Rojhaz knew of her ability.[1]

By the year 1602, Virginia, accompanied by Rojhaz, was sent to England as a emissary to Queen Elizabeth in order to negotiate for needed supplies and people at her colony as Roanoke became isolated from outside resources after trading ships had fearfully avoided America for teeming with dangerous dinosaurs and the mysterious weather. While in England, she befriended Sir Nicholas Fury's assistant spy, Peter Parquagh. Doctor Stephen Strange strongly suspected that Virginia herself was somehow connected to the weather after she had transformed in fending off an assassin. Virginia eventually escaped from King James' rule with Rojhaz and Clea. It was then revealed that Virginia wasn't responsible for the strange phenomena, but Rojhaz was the true "forerunner."[1]

After returning to Roanoke and reuniting with her father, Virginia helped Nicholas Fury and his allies in repairing the destabilization of reality by leading them to the location of the time rift. Virginia later helped Fury in tracking Steven Rogers in order to return him to his time; furthermore, Virginia saved Fury's life from David Banner. After reality was repaired, Virginia was again reunited with Peter Parquagh and the two began a relationship.[2]

Two years later she was shot and killed while in deer form by Norman Osborne as she was running to her father to tell him that Osborne had knowingly provided the local natives with smallpox ridden blankets and clothes.[3]



Changeling: She has the power to transform into any type of animal, including dinosaurs,[citation needed] as well as mythological beings, such as a griffon,[4] or a massive sphinx.[5]


In human form, Virginia had no unusual abilities; however, in animal form she took on the abilities and characteristics of whichever animal she became.[4]


Virginia could not entirely control herself in some of her various animal forms due to her forms' primal instincts, and would sometimes pose a serious threat to anyone around her,[4] especially as a carnivore.[6]


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