The being commonly known as Virtual Reality was visited by the Silver Surfer during Thanos' possession of the Infinity Gauntlet. There, the Surfer was told that everyone enters the Hall Of Absolutes at some point, if by accident or choice, madness or lucidity. As he took the Surfer through the Hall, he explained that everything they were seeing, is pulled from each individual's mind to make them face what they are, and how the memories shaped each person. It is unclear if Virtual Reality is human, or a race similar in look - or just a random image pulled from the Surfer's mind. He also refused to answer if the Hall Of Absolutes was a real place. It can be assumed that Virtual Reality is real as he stated that he was in charge, as well as the keeper of the Hall Of Absolutes. He also revealed that he is known by many other names.[1]


Cigarettes and matches.

  • When the Silver Surfer asked "Take me from here, Virtual Reality.", he responded by saying "It is not allowed.". This could mean that he isn't as totally in control as he appears to be.

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