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Quote1.png That suit was modified specifically to kill my kind... Eddie... who is trying to kill us? Quote2.png
--Venom Symbiote[src]

Desperate for revenge against Venom for ruining his life, Mac Gargan purchased a suit of Mark III War Machine Armor and an array of weapons from the Tinkerer.[1] Jury-rigging the armor for the express purpose of killing symbiotes, Gargan painted it black-and-gold in mockery of the Venom symbiote's customary appearance.

Calling himself Virus, Gargan ambushed and nearly killed Venom in an alleyway - using his armor's sonic emitters to separate Eddie Brock from his symbiote before crushing his ribcage. However, the enraged Venom symbiote disabled his armor's energy cannon, forcing Gargan to retreat using an old Goblin Glider.[2] Later, Gargan followed Venom to the Maker's secret base and used his armor - as well as a stockpile of Pumpkin Bombs - to breach its defences and attempt to kill Venom once more, pursuing Venom through an interdimensional portal.[3]

Transported to an alternate dimension conquered by symbiotes, Gargan's armor was severely damaged during his second rematch with Venom, followed by a brutal beatdown from a team of symbiote Avengers.[4] Stripped from Gargan, the armor was destroyed by Codex in a fit of rage,[1] though parts of it remained intact and were used to obtain the schematics for the chronal gateway. After Gargan was sent to kill Eddie with a new symbiote, he was defeated eventually led him and his crew to defeat Codex, turning on both of them when decided to recover his repaired armor to kill Eddie, knowing he would send him to prison later. Exploiting a critical design flaw in the War Machine armor, Earth-1051's Reed Richards destroyed his armor with an electromagnetic pulse.[5]



The Virus Armor was modified by Mac Gargan for the sole purpose of killing symbiote-augments, with the specific goal of using it to take revenge on Venom - who Gargan accused of ruining his life.[2] The suit does not appear to possess an on-board computer or artificial intelligence to assist Gargan in combat, and is overall inferior in quality to the suits built by Stark Industries. While capable of flight using boot-mounted repulsors, Gargan supplements it with an old Goblin Glider.[3] The armor also doubles as a life-support system, as without it Gargan would die.[4] Due to a critical design flaw inherit to the Mark III War Machine armor used as its basis, the armor is critically vulnerable against electromagnetic pulses, which completely disable it and cause it to fall apart.[5]

Offensive Powers

The Virus Armor possesses boot- and palm-mounted repulsor beams, vibro-shock gauntlets,[4] shoulder-mounted miniguns,[3] a shoulder-mounted energy cannon, and wrist-mounted sonic emitters designed to separate symbiotes from their hosts.[2] The Virus Armor is powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Venom and even severely injure him;[2] and its armaments are powerful enough to breach the defences of the Maker's fortified base of operations - which the evil Reed Richards boasted could withstand an assault from an army - with minimal-to-no damage.[3]

Defensive Powers

Due to its jury-rigged nature, the armor appears to possess substandard defense capabilities compared to other suits of War Machine and Iron Man armor;[3] being seemingly held together in places by duct tape. Despite this, it was still functional after being repeatedly punched, bitten, clawed, and blasted through a skyscraper by a powerful energy beam over the course of a fight with Venom; though a beating from a team of symbiote Avengers left it severely damaged.[4]

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