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The Vision was at Mar-Vell's side when he was dying of cancer. But Mar-Vell became influenced by beings calling themselves the Many-Angled Ones, and transmutated his closest friends into undying, grotesque beings. But being a machine, the Vision was immune to the transformation.

Joining with other heroic artificial lifeforms such as Jocasta, HERBIE, M-11 and Machine Man and forming the Machine Resistance, they attempted to stop Mar-Vell from enacting a Necropsy ritual, to sacrifice the Avatar of Death and in turn Death itself, making it impossible for any living beings to die, but failed.[1]

For years, the Vision concealed himself within his wife's body, observing the actions of the Revengers and hoping to find a cure to their condition. But when a Quasar from another universe arrived in his, the Vision freed him from the Revengers, so that the Many-Angled Ones could not find his Earth.[2]

The Vision later reappeared before Thanos and the Guardians of the Galaxy when they arrived in the Cancerverse, offering his help.[3] He brought them to Titan, where the Resistance had set up shop, and where the Guardians could hide from detection.[1] However, when Thanos killed Drax the Destroyer after they got into a fight, Mar-Vell was alerted to the Resistance's location and sent members of the Revengers to take out the heroes. Their first act was to slice Vision in two.[4] Being a machine, Vision survived being bisected. He was then met by his wife the Scarlet Witch who revealed that she was a spy for the Machine Resistance all along. She used her power to send the Guardians and Thanos away before she and Vision were killed by Mar-Vell.[5]



Seemingly those of the Vision of Earth-616.

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