Quote1.png Goodbye, Vision. I swear I will do everything in my power to never become you. Quote2.png
-- Vision from the past src


When Ultron took over the world starting in the year 2420, he corrupted the Vision, turned him into his slave, and made him part of his A.I. Avengers.

Some time later, Doctor Doom assembled a group of several Avengers from different time periods and brought them to the present to hep him overthrow Ultron. The past Vision and Iron Man were sent to assault the Avengers Tower in order to get to the main control unit of Ultron's drone factories and shut it down. The two heroes from the past were immediately faced by most of the A.I. Avengers, including Vision, who took his past counterpart by surprise and phased through him.[1]

Vision's objective was to drive his past counterpart off-line due to the pain inflicted, and then have him infected with the seed of Ultron and send him back to the past to infect his world. However, Iron Man had the past Vision alter his density to near nothing, and then he phased through both Visions while holding the past Vision's hand. The additional disruption shook the past Vision loose from Vision's grasp.

The two past heroes resumed their mission and got to the security control for Ultron's factories, but Vision soon caught up with them. The past Vision pitied his future counterpart and caught him by surprise, phasing his brain through his body and destroying it. As he crushed Vision's brain, the past Vision swore to do everthing he could to never become his future self.[2]


Seemingly those of the Vision of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Vision of Earth-616.

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