Vision seemingly had the same history as his Earth-616 counterpart. After Spider-Queen took over Manhattan, Vision joined up with Agent Venom's Resistance.[1]

Venom figured out that rewriting the spider-DNA would remove the Queen's control over them, he and Vision started gathering items capable of doing so. Hearing of a possible cure at Horizon Labs, Vision and other resistance fighters fell into a trap set by the spider-powered heroes on purpose, in order to transform them into different monsters: Using the Man-Wolf's gemstone, King Spider was turned into a werewolf; using Morbius' serum, Captain Marvel was turned into a vampire; using the Lizard serum, Spider-Hulk was turned into a Lizard-like creature;[1] and using the Goblin Formula, Iron Man was turned into a Goblin.[2]

After Iron Man revealed the base of Spider-Queen's Brain Trust, the superheroes attacked the base. Vision and Venom gave Vincent Stegron his Stegron serum, turning him back into a Dinosaur; found Spider-Man alive and well;[3] and stole the Retro-Generation Ray.[4]

While Stegron distracted the spider army by using the Retro-Generation Ray to reanimate the dinosaurs in the American Museum of Natural History, the rest of the resistance attacked The Queen's Castle.[5] Vision watched as Flash and his symbiote sacrificed themselves to get Spider-Queen in position to be killed by Stegron and his Dinosaurs.[6]

Days later, he became involved in the rebuilding of Avengers Tower and was present when Dino-Thor, the Thor Coprs representative of the Valley of Flame, came on behalf of God Emperor Doom to pick a new baron of Spider-Island. Vision and the rest of the reformed Avengers all voted Spider-Man.[6]


Seemingly those of the Vision of Earth-616.

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