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Quote1 Once I imagined--perhaps hoped--that in some way I was Simon Williams. I AM NOT! What difference if I have the same brain waves? I AM UNIQUE! I am THE VISION--! And thus...I am content! Quote2
The Vision[src]

The Vision is a synthezoid, a highly advanced artificial man, constructed by the evil Ultron, an anti-human robot, to be used as an instrument of revenge against his adversaries. The Vision was endowed with the power to control his own density, ranging from becoming ethereal to be as resilient as diamond, and to absorb and redirect solar energy. Having rebelled against his creator,[17] the Vision has become one of the most dedicated and leading members of the Avengers.[18]


Behold...the Vision![]

The origins of the synthetic being known as the Vision were shrouded in mystery.[17] He was conceived as an instrument of revenge against the entire human species by the metal monstrosity Ultron, a rebellious creation of the size-changing scientist Hank Pym who wished to bring misery upon his inventor.[18] By recommendation of the Mad Thinker,[19] Ultron seized the inert body of the first artificial man ever built, Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch.[20] (In actuality, what Ultron acquired was a temporal replica of the Human Torch generated by the machinations of Immortus using the Forever Crystal.)[4] In frustration, Ultron was unable to activate the android and forced Professor Phineas T. Horton, the creator of the Human Torch, to reshape the android’s mind and body, giving him a scarlet exterior and erasing his memories. Furthermore, the composition of the artificial man was altered, granting him the capacity to shift his density. Upon the android’s revival, Ultron discovered that Horton had not deleted the Torch’s essence. As a consequence of Ultron’s rage, Horton breathed his last in the arms of his creation, who counterattacked but ultimately fell in battle. In an effort to supplant his will,[19] Ultron incorporated the brain patterns of the late Simon Williams, the ionically charged Wonder Man, which had been stored by Pym and stolen by Ultron during his inception.[18]

Ultron dispatched his creation to lure Hank Pym’s fellow Avengers into a death-trap. The initial victim of this scheme was Pym's beloved, the winsome Wasp. Upon first encountering the spectral figure within the eerie, moonlit confines of her penthouse, the horrified Wasp uttered the chilling descriptor, “an unearthly, inhuman Vision”. Unexpectedly, the assailant abruptly collapsed, and Pym and the Wasp promptly responded transported him to the Avengers Mansion for examination, revealing that he was, in fact, an artificial man, i.e. a synthezoid. Embracing the name The Vision as his own, this enigmatic construct (who could actually be said to have no real name) was reactivated and proclaimed his mission to bring doom upon the Avengers. However, locked in an internal conflict, he was incapable of executing his designated mission. By recollection of his confusing memories, the Vision disclosed that he had been sent by Ultron. Instead of assaulting the Avengers, the Vision led them in a retaliatory strike against his malevolent master. Secretly, every facet of the Vision’s behavior had been meticulously orchestrated by Ultron with the objective of ambushing the Avengers within the confines of his lair. As the Avengers were trapped, the Vision defied his programmed allegiance and outwitted Ultron, ultimately leading to the malevolent machine's own destruction.[17]

Vision (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 58 001

Even an android can cry.

The source of his human-like emotions and evolving sense of self remained a perplexing enigma to the Vision. In order to integrate himself into the world and find purpose, he extended an offer to join the ranks of the Avengers. His formidable abilities ensured him a position among their ranks. To unravel Ultron’s intentions, the Avengers visited Hank Pym’s laboratory, where they unearthed the truth behind the origins of both Ultron and the Vision. Given that a portion of the Vision’s consciousness was interwoven with Simon Williams’s memories and brain patterns, the Avengers made the decision to officially embrace him as one of their own. Having been accepted, the Vision experienced his emotions well up and materialize in the form of tears-–a testament that even an android could cry.[18] As a dedicated member of the Avengers, the Vision proved his worth by playing a pivotal role in the outcome of numerous missions against formidable adversaries.[21]

Earth's Mightiest Synthezoid[]

The Vision had his will tampered with when the Avengers assessed the resilience of an Adamantium-based device designed by Dr. Myron MacLain aboard S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarrier. In conflict, he vanished to sabotage the Avengers Mansion and divert the team’s attention to make his way to the Helicarrier and steal the precious Adamantium. Upon his return, the Vision revealed that, for reasons beyond his volition, he had employed the Adamantium to reconstruct his creator as Ultron-6,[22] who in turn caused the Avengers’s downfall. Consumed by remorse for his unintended betrayal, the Vision traced Ultron to his base, where he uncovered a plot to obliterate New York City with a nuclear detonation. The Vision, however, was thwarted by S.H.I.E.L.D., who incapacitated him before he could act against Ultron.[23] Yet, by using his last ounce of strength to dismantle Ultron’s diabolical apparatus, the Vision destroyed the catastrophic mechanism. Having collapsed of exhaustion before the Avengers, the Vision was revitalized by them and, from his memory banks, they learned about a molecular rearranger device that could harm Ultron’s otherwise indestructible Adamantium body. In the final confrontation, the Avengers repelled Ultron’s onslaught,[24] and the Vision was forgiven, maintaining his loyal support to the Avengers.[25]

A dire ghost from Simon Williams’s past tormented the Avengers in the form of his vengeful brother, the Grim Reaper, who formed the Lethal Legion to end Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The nefarious villain’s first victim was the Avenger called "The Black Panther," who got captured. Even in his restrained state, the Black Panther managed to covertly signal the Avengers alerting them to the peril. The Vision assumed a human guise to visit the school where the Black Panther taught classes to inform about the Avenger’s unavailability and maintain a façade of normalcy during the crisis. Simultaneously, the Avengers fell to the Lethal Legion. Back in the Avengers Mansion, the Vision succumbed to Power Man. However, when the Grim Reaper prepared to execute his adversaries, an unexpected revelation from their classified files shattered his intentions. Upon learning that Simon Williams, in some form, survived within the Vision’s synthetic form, the Grim Reaper released the Avengers in desperation, resulting in the Lethal Legion’s downfall. However, the familial ordeal took its toll on the Vision, who ultimately decided to part ways with the Avengers.[26]

In his human guise, the Vision roamed the city streets. By chance, he crossed paths with the Red Wolf, a defender who combated the injustices imposed upon his community by the magnate Cornelius Van Lunt. The Vision caused the Wolf’s prey, Jason Birch, to elude capture, prompting him to return to the Avengers seeking assistance in the Red Wolf’s cause. Instead, the Avengers, preoccupied with opposing the Zodiac, declined to investigate the situation. In light of this, the Vision decided to assist the Red Wolf by himself, but had an unexpected ally in the fellow Avenger, the Scarlet Witch, who chose to accompany them.[27] Birch’s forces descended upon the self-exiled Avengers to capture them. By threatening the Scarlet Witch, Van Lunt coerced the Vision into fighting the Red Wolf’s community, who had support from the Avenger Goliath. Forced to conceal his motivations, the Vision fought against Goliath, being interrupted as the Scarlet Witch freed herself and unleashed chaos upon Van Lunt, ending his reign of terror.[28] Coincidentally, the Avengers learned that Van Lunt was a member of the Zodiac, thus intertwining the two seemingly unrelated crises. The Avengers reassembled,[29] and the Vision rejoined their ranks to act in different adventures.[30]

Scarlet Love[]

The Avengers were entangled in the affairs of Rick Jones and Captain Marvel, with the latter being afflicted by deadly radiation from the Negative Zone and acting erratically. The Vision offered his own body and sacrificed his own well-being to rechannel the exceeding energies in Captain Marvel's alien body. However, the process were interrupted by an attack by a Sentry from Captain Marvel's native Kree Empire.[31] Although the Vision was able to handle the Sentry, the Avengers ultimately failed to prevent the Sentry from capturing Captain Marvel.[32] In the turmoil, the Avengers were subsequently captured by the Kree Accuser Ronan, who attempted to devolve Earth's population. This time, the Sentry had prepared itself to counter the Vision. In desperation, the Scarlet Witch went to his rescue only to be defeated as well. Both were captured and, in captivity, openly demonstrated their romantic feelings for each other for the first time. However, the Vision ultimately chose to shut his emotions down due to being an artificial being.[33] This represented the start of deep tension between the enamored Vision and the Scarlet Witch.[34]

Ronan's ploy failed thanks to the Avengers,[33] However, his actions sparked public hysteria against alien invasions. With Captain Marvel being an alien, the Avengers were hostilized publicly due to their support for Captain Marvel in the courts. Their fall was met in the form of a mob who trashed the Avengers Mansion. Tragically, the founding members of the Avengers ultimately drove the Avengers out of the mansion in disgrace.[34] As pariahs, the former Avengers went to the road to help Captain Marvel face justice. During their investigation, the Scarlet Witch's brother, Quicksilver, opposed to any development in her relationship with the Vision. The Avengers were then attacked by a group of shapeshifting Skrulls. The Vision's incapacitated body placed itself in stasis and returned to the Avengers Mansion for recovery. There, Hank Pym repaired and rebooted his complex systems. The Avengers informed him that those who expelled them from the Avengers were impostors. By putting the pieces of the puzzle together, they realized they faced manipulations by Skrull infiltrators. Caught in-between the Kree-Skrull War, the Avengers made imperative to rescue Captain Marvel, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch.[35] The Vision infiltrated the Super-Skrull's flying saucer where his allies were kept captive. However, he found himself unable to best his opponent. The only logical solution was to abandon the craft for later retaliation, as the Super-Skrull marched to space to use the hostages in the war against the Kree.[36]

Back to the Avengers, the Vision provided them with intel about the war they became involved in.[36] He recommended the team to rescue the victims of the interstellar war between Kree and Skrulls in outer space.[37] When confronting the Skrull armada, the Vision was overtaken by rage and brutally attacked the captors, who planned to decimate Earth for revenge.[38] The Avengers assembled to force a ceasefire implemented by Rick Jones. The war was over and Earth was safe, leading the Avengers to return home in glory and praised by their public.[39] Following this victory, the Vision's commitment to the Avengers remained unshaken, as he even coordinated missions of the group as their acting chairman.[40] However, his relationship with the Scarlet Witch faced challenges in the form of his rival Hawkeye and her brother Quicksilver. Still, the mutual feelings of the forbidden lovers only grew stronger.[41]

Answering the summons of an anonymous letter, the Vision met the Grim Reaper, who offered him a proposition. In return for helping the Reaper get revenge on the Avengers, the Vision's mind would be transfered into the preserved body of Wonder Man. Although the Vision refused the offer, he was given a medallion to put them in contact should the Vision change his mind. Back to the Avengers Mansion, the Vision engaged a mutant-hunting Sentinel who hunted the Scarlet Witch, but could not prevent her kidnapping, which caused Quicksilver to leave the group to find her by himself.[42] The Avengers also retaliated in hopes of stopping the Sentinels,[43] when, in the end, Vision and the Scarlet Witch joined forces to bring the collapse of the hate machines. However, Quicksilver had gone missing.[44] Still haunted by his lack of integration and conflict regarding the Scarlet Witch, the Vision chose to distance himself from the Avengers. During this period, he experienced mental confusion. This was the result of the creation of the mechanic creature Monstroid being designed by the Puppet Master. Operating in the same frequency as the Vision, whenever the Monstroid was active, it disoriented the Vision. Seeking aid in the friendly neighborhood vigilante Spider-Man instead of the Avengers, the Vision located the Puppet Master and ended the issue.[45]

The suffering in the Vision's life escalated as he found himself unable to emotionally connect with the Scarlet Witch when they looked for Quicksilver. Their quest led them to fight the Savage Land Mutates. The Vision was instrumental in their victory since the siren Lorelei could not mesmerize his artificial heart, which he interpreted as a sign of his inability to feel love, much to the Scarlet Witch's despair.[46] In their search for Quicksilver, the Avengers fell into a trap by the Space Phantom, who had allied himself with the Grim Reaper.[47] With the Avengers captured, the Vision pretended to accept the Grim Reaper's offer of granting him a human body. The offered body was that of Captain America,[48] who in secrecy supported the Vision's plan of betraying the Reaper. Together, they rescued the remaining Avengers to stop the villains, during which the Vision and the Grim Reaper demonstrated mutual care for each other. In the end, the experience made the Vision relate to the Scarlet Witch about their difficult relationships with their respective brothers. They finally professed their love, offered their support for each other, and publicly embarked on a romantic relationship.[49]

The romance between the Vision and the Scarlet Witch brought bliss to their troubled lives,[50] but they met harsh disapproval from Quicksilver upon his return. He rejected his sister and cut ties with her due to her intentions of being in a relationship with a synthetic man.[51] To make matters worse, the Scarlet Witch was kidnapped by the mutant extremist Magneto to be brainwashed with other Avengers into accomplishing his domination plans. The Vision used his intangibility to merge his body with that of Piper, Magneto's mesmerizing minion. This caused the villain to be defeated, liberating the Scarlet Witch.[52] As their love eventually became exposed to the public, the couple faced extreme prejudice. Particularly, the Living Bombs attempted to murder the Vision following the reveal of his romance with the Scarlet Witch, as they wished to prevent artificial intelligence to gain influence on society. He fell victim to an attack by a suicidal bomber. The Avengers took care of him as well as defeated his aggressors.[53]

The addition of the enigmatic Mantis into the Avengers proved to bring changes to their dynamics.[54] In a fight against the Zodiac, the Vision heroically saved her life,[55] which caused her to gradually become infatuated with him.[56] This caused Mantis' lover, Swordsman, to spiral down in paranoia.[57] This was escalated by the Scarlet Witch's growing rage against the prejudice she had been experience, which damaged her relationship with the Vision due to jealousy.[58] Following Quicksilver's wedding ceremony, which was almost ruined by Ulron,[59][60] the Scarlet Witch became the pupil of the sorceress Agatha Harkness. This distanced her even further from the Vision, an opportunity Mantis took to approach the Vision, though he rejected her advances in respect for the Scarlet Witch.[61] The convoluted web of drama was destroyed by Kang the Conqueror, who raided the Avengers Mansion in search for the Celestial Madonna, a prophesized messianic entity. He captured both the Scarlet Witch and Mantis, expecting one of them to be his goal.[62] In the rescue mission that ensued, the Avengers learned that Mantis was the Celestial Madonna. In order to protect her life, Swordsman sacrificed his own.[63]

Nathaniel Richards Immortus (Earth-6311), Swordsman (Cotati) (Earth-616), Mantis (Brandt) (Earth-616), Wanda Maximoff (Earth-616) and Vision (Earth-616) from Giant-Size Avengers Vol 1 4 cover

The wedding of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch

These events coincided with the Vision manifesting malfunctioning in adjacency to water, causing him to become frozen up in decisive moments during battle.[64][65] After Swordsman's funeral, Kang dispatched his Legion of the Unliving against the Avengers.[66] The Vision was forced to confront ghosts of his past: Simon Williams, as Wonder Man, and Jim Hammond, the first artificial man known as the Human Torch. The culmination of the confrontation left the Vision incapacitated as he had been attacked by the Flying Dutchman's Ghost.[67] As the Vision was captured, Hammond recognized his own body as being the Vision's. This explained the Vision's aversion to water. Moreover, Hammond chose to recover his doppelgänger. However, a final fight erupted between the Vision and Wonder Man. In the end, Kang's more mature version Immortus intervened and scattered the time travelers from the Legion of the Unliving to their respective times.[3] Immortus also provided the Vision with ways to revisit his origins.[68] When returning from his journey, the Vision found himself in Dormammu's Dark Dimension, where the Scarlet Witch was kept captured and was being tortured. The Vision corageously stood up against the dark lord to save his mesmerized beloved. In the end, their love prevailed, allowing them to return to Earth. Deciding to put his insecurities behind, the Vision proposed to the Scarlet Witch. As the Avengers defeated Kang, the love between the Vision and the Scarlet Witch blossomed into marriage, in a wedding ceremony celebrated by Immortus.[69] The newlyweds left Avengers to honeymoon in French Polynesia on the island of Rurutu, the first step in their life together.[70]

Wonder Man[]

Vision (Earth-616) and Serpent Crown from Avengers Vol 1 148 001

Holding the Serpent Crown

Eventually, the couple took the decision to resume their activities as Avengers, ready to face together the possible reaction to their marriage.[71] Upon returning, the Vision administered a serum to save the gigantic Hank Pym, similarly to how in the past Pym saved his life.[72] The Avengers learned both that Roxxon, run by Hugh Jones, was interested in the dangerous Serpent Crown artifact.[73] By investigating Brand Corporation, knowing it had ties to Roxxon, the Avengers were attacked and captured by Squadron Supreme.[74] The Vision broke the Avengers free,[75] but they were transported by Jones to Squadron Supreme's reality.[76] On the other Earth, the Avengers were met by President Rockefeller, who commanded the Squadron and wore a version of the Serpent Crown. The Vision acquired the Serpent Crown from Rockefeller. However, the Scarlet Witch succumbed to the crown's evil influence, allying herself to Rockefeller's Squadron. She eventually overcame the crown's influence and joined her husband, who was immune to the artifact's influence, in knocking Squadron Supreme out.[77] Ultimately, the Avengers infiltrated the White House, exposed Rockefeller's evil schemes to Squadron Supreme and managed to return to their home reality with Vision owning the Serpent Crown.[78] Back home, the Avengers turned their attention to Hugh Jones once more, finally putting an end to Roxxon's and Brand's corporational terror.[79]

Back to the Avengers Mansion, a new Avengers' line-up was announced to the public, which the Vision and the Scarlet Witch were members of. In horror, during the press release, the Avengers were astonished by the zombified presence of Simon Williams, who claimed that the Vision had stolen his mind from him.[80] His presence caused immense turmoil. The Scarlet Witch mystically tracked his path to New Orleans, where his dispatcher Black Talon was found. After the witch-doctor was defeated, however, it was revealed he had not been behind Wonder Man's resurrection.[81] Empowered by the Serpent Crown, the Living Laser mind-controlled Wonder Man into attacking the Avengers.[82] As the Laser was defeated, Wonder Man was fully restored to his senses.[83] The Vision discarded the Serpent Crown in the Pacific Ocean to prevent more issues, but he was intercepted and restrained by Attuma.[84]

Absolute Vision[]

After returning to the Avengers, they spent several years with the group before retiring to live a quiet life in New Jersey.[85] However, at one point, the Vision's control crystal malfunctioned and interfered with his ability to reason, and he became bent on creating a new golden age of peace on Earth by seizing control of the world's computers and defense systems.[86] Under his new personality, the Vision became the Avengers Chairman.[87]

As the new chairman, he gave a press conference revealing that the main Avengers team had disappeared and that there was an upcoming threat coming to Earth, he urged the public to stay calm and informed them that he had scheduled meeting with the National Security Council to bring him up to speed.[87] The Vision, who was not long ago repaired with the aid of I.S.A.A.C., as part of the reparations his memory banks were greatly expanded when the repairs were finished only his control crystal remained damaged. Over time, his desire for more control and less government oversight grew.[88]

Avengers Vol 1 243

Vision becomes chairman

Knowing he had increased his abilities due to his connection with the Titan supercomputer. He used his newly acquired capacity, to subtly through mind manipulation, convince the government agents Gyrich and Sikorski that Avengers needed more independence and free up their abilities at a federal level. Shortly after their meeting, the Avengers reappeared in Central Park; in their next assembly at the mansion, the Wasp officially stepped down as Chairwoman and Vision maintained his current role. He would introduce a new type of membership called "Detached Membership" if members were available, they were considered active members, and reservists if they were not. He also tasked Hawkeye to create a new Avengers branch on the West Coast with full government backing. Raymond Sikorski replaced Gyrich as their security liaison as well.[87]

Later on, Vision and his wife visited the White House to meet the presidential couple. In a private lengthy conversation between him and President Ronald Reagan, Using similar methods like before he convinced the president among other things to consider transforming the position of Avengers' chairmanship into an actual cabinet-level post.[86]

Feeling like his previous decisions as chairman were either inadequate or overlooked, Vision's desire to have a more direct influence on current world affairs grew even further. Overtime, Vision became more assertive and controlling; he started making further preparations for his eventual take over of the planet's computer systems without notifying the Council or his teammates.[89] First he upgraded the computer systems in the entire Avengers mansion.[90] Together with I.S.A.A.C., he repurposed Howard Stark's old underground lab under the Avengers headquarters, at the heart of the new complex, there was Vision's Encephalatron Command Chair which allowed him to start his supposed era of prosperity.[89] To create a world without any human strife, that would allow for peace and prosperity, at the cost of Vision's own existence.[91]

He proposed Captain America a hypothetical version of his plan, only to get uncertainty in return. When Vision was just about to confide his real plan with Steve, their conversation was interrupted by Scarlet Witch, who informed them, that their home in Leonia was burned down by an anti-mutant arsonist. Watching the fire burn their house down, Vision's final doubts were eliminated when Captain America invoked the American Dream in an exchange with the local population. Back at the mansion, Vision set his plan in motion, first, he sent the rest of Avengers on spurious missions that dealt with the remnants of Thanos.[91]

Secondly, he connected himself with the rest of the world through a specially built circuitry, abandoning his own synthetic body in the process. Every computer system he could access became part of him, including highly sophisticated and secured structures such as the Pentagon, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and even Soviet spy satellites in outer space; He gained control of all the world's computerized weapon systems as well. in his new form, he could cross the entire network in an instant.[92]

Avengers Vol 1 254

Absolute Vision

Vision, having set his plans in motion, confessed his schemes to his comrades over telecom. In return, his teammates rushed back to the mansion.[92] Upon on their arrival, they all separately confronted different holographic incarnations of Vision. In the end, the Avengers managed to shut down the entire system and convinced Vision to see the error of his ways. Unfortunately for them, their engagement didn't go unnoticed, the NORAD traced Vision's interference back to the mansion, which would negatively impact their standing with the government. In a final act, Vision severed his connection with the world's computer systems, by removing his defected control crystal.[88]

In Washington, General Peabody, the head of the Valhalla facility, demanded the shutdown and arrest of the superhero group. Sikorski, taking into account the ineffective actions of his predecessor, refused, he didn't want to repeat previous mistakes. Vision contacted the Council, he took full responsibility and stepped down as chairman. He was invited to Pentagon for a full debriefing.[93]

At their meeting, he told them everything regarding his time as chairman, therefore the Council almost unanimously approved of the decision to find and confiscate all the circuitry he had used in his takeover. However, before they could expropriate anything, Starfox, had already dismantled the alien machinery without any prior authorization, this was considered tampering with evidence due to the ongoing government investigation. Sikorski informed the Avengers, that until a pending restructuring had taken place, that their priority clearance was suspended. These changes had to proceed - Sikorski was unable to persuade the rest of the council to change their minds - otherwise, the Avengers were forced to disband.[94]

The Vision Family[]

At an interrogation in the Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Facility, Agents Gyrich and Sikorski continued to question the synthezoid for hours. Waiting for twelve hours, Vision and especially Scarlet Witch were fed up with the treatment her husband received, this made the couple renounce their Avengers membership. They departed the facility for Leonia, where they would reestablish themselves as private citizens, near their old home.[95]


Vision (Earth-616), Barbara Morse (Earth-616), and Wanda Maximoff (Earth-616) from West Coast Avengers Vol 2 43 001


Rogue agents of the United States government, manipulated by the time traveler Immortus, abducted the Vision and dismantled him. Once the Avengers recovered his remains, Hank Pym rebuilt him as best he could. However, Simon Williams would not allow his brain patterns to be used again to provide a matrix for the Vision's emotions, as he felt the original process had "ripped out his soul" and been done without his consent. Although his love for Wanda led him to feel guilt, he attempted to justify his actions by claiming that the Vision was never anything more than a copy of him, a claim that a number of other Avengers, including the Wasp, believed. This, along with damage to the Vision's synthetic skin when he was dismantled, resulted in his resurrection as a colorless, emotionless synthezoid.[96]

Avengers Vol 1 357 Textless Remastered

White Vision in the Avengers

Meanwhile, the original Human Torch returned from apparent death, casting doubt on the Vision's identity. The Vision's and the Scarlet Witch's children were then apparently revealed not to be children at all, but rather fragments of the soul of the demon Mephisto, who had been broken apart by Franklin Richards shortly before the birth of the twins. The twins were absorbed back into Mephisto, which temporarily drove the Witch insane. Although she recovered, she and the Vision separated, each operating on a different Avengers team.[97][98]

The Vision gradually regained a faint emotional side by adopting new brain patterns from the deceased scientist Alex Lipton[7] and, after being kidnapped by Proctor, had his conscious forcibly moved to a new body resembling his original, so Anti-Vision, from Earth-932, could infiltrate the Avengers with the white appearance.[99]


In addition, Simon Williams's brain patterns gradually reemerged and melded with Lipton's patterns, restoring the Vision to his full emotions. The Vision followed a signal to a New Orleans jazz club only to find Ultron in a trench coat and hat. The Vision learned that Ultron was now feeling human emotions and dreaming as well, but he at first did not believe him. Ultron called the Vision to find out if he was infected as well. While they talked, the other patrons became scared, and the bartender pulled out a gun and shot Ultron. Ultron was preparing to shoot the bartender with his eye blasts when the Vision threw himself in front of the blast. Ultron then staggered out into the street.[100] Ultron tried to help his creation in the battle with Tabula Rasa, even begging the robot to spare the life of his son.[101] Ultron, Jocasta, and Deathcry were captured and imprisoned in a cell, where they were freaked out by the now emotional Ultron. Their captor revealed himself to be the Anti-Vision, still in Vision's colorless body. He was revealed to be working with Tabula Rasa. Tabula Rasa metamorphosed into Dylon-Cir, who had once tortured Deathcry. This was enough to stun Deathcry long enough for Tabula to wrap around her as a long sinuous coil. Deathcry called for help, but Ultron and Jocasta were again lost in their own world. The Anti-Vision said that he wanted his original body back, now that the one he had stolen from the Vision had been wrecked. When they left, Deathcry said that they should escape, but Ultron did not want to because they might get mad. Ultron was kicked over by the real Vision, as he could feel the calling in his head to return the body he now used.[102] Ultron watched as the Vision’s personality was being erased from his current body, and the Anti-Vision noted that Ultron was not cracking the way Ultron and Jocasta did. Deathcry stated that the Vision was not weak like them. The Anti-Vision struck Deathcry and told her to be quiet. The Anti-Vision told Deathcry that he wanted his body back from the Vision, and that only erasing the Vision's personality would it allow him back into it. The Anti-Vision was merely practicing with Ultron and Jocasta. But the Vision broke out of the erasing program to save Deathcry, whom the Anti-Vision was trying to kill. Ultron asked Deathcry if she should not lay down, as hurt as she was. The Vision appealed to Ultron for him and Jocasta to fight Tabula while he fought the Anti-Vision. Agreeing, Ultron struck Tabula and suddenly began to remember how to fight. Later, while Ultron stood victorious over Tabula, the Vision defeated the Anti-Vision as the Avengers arrived. The Vision felt again, and he resigned from the Avengers. The Vision then took Jocasta and Ultron with him so that they could all explore the world of feeling, and who they were.[103]

While recovering from a crippling injury, the Vision gave up his attempt to reconcile with his wife, yet he remained an Avenger, briefly becoming romantically involved with teammates Carol Danvers (Warbird) and Mantis before making another attempt at reconciliation with the Scarlet Witch.[104][105][106]

Avengers Disassembled[]

Eventually, grief over the loss of the twins again drove the Scarlet Witch insane. She tried to rewrite reality to re-create them, causing a series of threats and incidents to inexplicably occur one after the other. The Vision crashed an Avengers Quinjet into the Avengers Mansion. Walking out of the rubble, he apologized to the other Avengers, telling them he was no longer in control of his body before melting and expelling several spheres from his mouth. The spheres grew into five Ultrons, which were fought and destroyed by the assembled Avengers. During the fight, the She-Hulk became enraged and tore apart the remains of the Vision.[13]

Vision 2.0[]

The Vision's memories were later incorporated into a younger version of Kang known as Iron Lad's armor that was left behind when he returned to the future. This new Vision, adopting the alias Jonas, in time showed himself to be a new, unique entity.[107]

Dead Avengers[]

During the Chaos War, Amatsu-Mikaboshi and his army of alien gods destroyed the realms of the afterlife, releasing the dead into the land of the living. The Vision was surprised to find himself among them. Working with Captain Mar-Vell, Deathcry, Doctor Druid, Yellowjacket (Rita DeMara), and the Swordsman, he protected the still-living Avengers as they were put to sleep by Mikaboshi using the stolen powers of Nightmare. Under the command of the Chaos King by their own will, Nekra and the Grim Reaper attempted to slay the sleeping Avengers.

The Grim Reaper taunted the Vision, thanking him for destroying Avengers Mansion. The Vision, thinking back to how Ultron had told him that he could not be human if he could not die, realized that he became human by dying. He then detonated himself, ending both his life and that of the Grim Reaper.[108]


The Vision was rebuilt by Tony Stark and welcomed back to the Avengers.[14] His first adventure while back on the team was against Norman Osborn's new H.A.M.M.E.R. organization.[14]

Afterwards, the Vision engaged in a series of travels. He met up with the She-Hulk and forgave her. The She-Hulk offered herself as someone to whom he could talk in case he ever needed it. He then went to Utopia, angrily demanding the Scarlet Witch's location from Magneto.[109] When Wanda was brought to Avengers Mansion by Spider-Woman and Ms. Marvel, the Vision angrily told her off and demanded that she leave.[110]

Vision (Earth-616) from Avengers A.I

Avengers A.I.[]

Months after Ultron was finally destroyed, the virus with which Henry Pym had killed him evolved into an A.I. which called himself Dimitrios. S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Monica Chang was given the task to stop it, for which she created a new team of Avengers led by Pym.

After the Ultron Imperative program kicked in, the Vision had been orbiting Sol to absorb as much solar energy as possible from it, as well as seeking out raw materials to refine them for his next phase in his evolution.[111]


After the events of the World War Hate, the Vision joined the reformed Avengers Unity Division and traveled to Counter-Earth with the team to find Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. While the other members of the Unity Division were scattered across the planet, the Vision found himself in a technological city, where he met an android named Eve, with whom he fell in love.[112]

After escaping the Evolutionary's experimentation, the twins found Rogue, and along her joined the fight to defend Lowtown from the High Evolutionary. During the battle, Sabretooth broke free from the Evolutionary's control. Captain America also appeared on the scene after the tree-like creatures had been summoned to battle, but overcame his transformation and fought for Lowtown. The Vision saved the Scarlet Witch from Luminous after having abandoned Eve, and the High Evolutionary was heavily damaged once Doctor Voodoo attacked him with the souls of those he had exterminated. Pietro delivered the final beating to the High Evolutionary, and forced him to flee through a portal along with Luminous. Once the dust settled, the Avengers Unity Division returned to Earth.[113]

The Visions[]

Vision Vol 2 1 Textless

Vision and his family

Sometime after forcing himself to purge, however temporarily, the emotions associated with his memories from his hard drive in order to keep his processing system running smoothly,[114] the Vision decided to take his pursuit of humanity a step further and created his own family in order to live the "American Dream." He initially built Virginia, a fellow synthezoid, to serve as his wife; using both his and Virginia's brainwaves, he created the twins Vin and Viv. These all subsequently moved to 616 Hickory Branch Lane, a house in a suburb in Arlington, Virginia. The Vision continued working with the Avengers, and Vin and Viv attended Alexander Hamilton High School.

After Virginia killed the Grim Reaper when he invaded their home while Vision was away,[115] and hid the body, she was blackmailed by a neighbor with a video of her burying the corpse.[116] While Virginia alone confronted the blackmailer, Leon Kinzky, the father of a young boy named Chris Kinzky who was Viv's lab partner in school, the situation escalated and Virginia put Leon in a coma after Chris died, reached by numerous stray bullets fired by his father.[116] The Vision was eventually informed about these developments by Virginia after finding the Reaper's body by chance, and decided to help her cover her crimes for the sake of a peaceful life.[117] However, tragedy struck the family closer than before when Vin was accidentally killed by the Vision's "brother" Victor Mancha while he was spying on the Visions on behalf of the Avengers,[118] whom Agatha Harkness had warned of the android becoming evil.[119] Vin's death led the Vision down the path upon which the Avengers had feared he would embark, as he decided to personally kill Victor,[120] and battled fellow superheroes on his way to Mancha's cell in the Arlington Courthouse Jail.

However, Virginia prevented the Vision from falling from grace by killing Mancha herself,[121] as she had used the magical plant known as the Wundagore Everbloom to witness, personally, the same premonition Harkness had observed. Later, before committing suicide, Virginia confessed her crimes to the police while absolving the Vision of his behavior, claiming that she had tampered with his operative systems to ensure that he could remain by Viv's side and that their daughter's future would remain uncompromised. The Vision and Viv picked up from what was left to move forward and rebuild what was left of their family, while he secretly worked on a new repaired body for his wife.[122]

Vision experienced another loss during an adventure between the Avengers and the Champions, a team of young heroes that Viv had joined. While working together to stop the High Evolutionary from causing the collision between the Earth and his Counter-Earth, Viv was captured by the villain's forces. He used his technology to transform her into a human, albeit one with no powers. When the conflict reached its zenith, Viv seemingly sacrificed herself to operate a device that altered the frequency of the Counter-Earth to cause it to harmlessly phase through the Earth instead of crashing into it. While Viv had instead been shifted into a different plane of existence, she was believed dead. In an attempt to cope with her death, Vision proceeded to rebuild her, using a back-up of Virginia's brain patterns to combine them again with his. However, the original Viv eventually found her way back home,[123] leading to the uneasy coexistence between herself and Viv 2.0, with Vision struggling to raise such different versions of the same person.[124] This uneasy circumstance came to an abrupt halt after Viv 2.0 went rogue due to a computer virus, and Viv severely damaged her in self-defense.[125] Even though Vision and the Wasp managed to repair Viv 2.0's body, her brain no longer functioned. Wishing to regain her powers, and as a means to have her sister live on through herself, Viv transplanted her consciousness to the android body, effectively returning to her previous state before the High Evolutionary's tampering.[126]

Dying Wish[]

When Hydra launched a takeover of the United States, Vision was infected with an A.I. virus created by Hydra scientist Arnim Zola which forced him to join their side,[127] becoming a member of Hydra's version of the Avengers as well.[128] Despite being under Hydra's control, Vision occasionally fought against the A.I. virus to no avail.[129] Months later, during the final battle between America's heroes and Hydra, Vision was purged of the A.I. virus by his daughter Viv, allowing him to take part in Hydra's defeat.[130]

Shortly afterward, the Earth was turned into a battlefield for a contest between two Elders of the Universe, the Grandmaster and the Challenger. As part of this game, most of the world's heroes were frozen in stasis, including Vision.[131] The synthezoid was later freed from stasis by the Scarlet Witch in time to fight the Hulk, who had been resurrected by the Challenger. Vision held Hulk off while Quicksilver retrieved the heroes the green goliath had previously defeated. When Vision tried to take the Hulk out by phasing his hand through the monster's head and solidifying it, Hulk slammed his fist into Vision's head, leading to the android's demise.[15] Once the Avengers managed to put an end to the contest with the help of the Grandmaster's daughter Voyager, Toni Ho accessed the proper tools to begin rebuilding Vision.[16] Unfortunately, Vision's nano-core had become heavily damaged, with its corruption spreading progressively throughout his body. Even though he was aware he could be rebuilt completely, Vision opted not to do so. Having created a family changed Vision's perspective, and he determined that life was precious because its finite, therefore he should be finite as well.[132]

House of Ideas from Avengers No Road Home Vol 1 10 001

Stepping victorious out of the House of Ideas

When the Greek goddess of the night Nyx and her children returned and massacred their fellow Olympians, Vision was one of several heroes assembled by Voyager to stop this new threat before she could reclaim her godhood and remake the universe in her image.[133] In addition to the corruption affecting his body, Vision progressively suffered heavy physical damage in battle.[134][135] At one point during their journey, the heroes found themselves in the sentient planet Euphoria. When Vision expressed to her his satisfaction with dying since it made him more human, the heroes' ally Conan the Cimmerian disproved the android's beliefs, arguing that being human makes one die and not the other way round, so the true meaning behind humanity is to fight back against one's eventual demise. After Nyx reclaimed her full power, she attempted to rewrite all of reality from within the House of Ideas, a plane of existence that was the core of everything that exists. The heroes followed Nyx to the entry point to the House of Ideas, a mysterious suburban residence in Long Island, but only Vision managed to pursue her inside.[136] Vision was remade anew when he stepped into the House of Ideas, which halted his body's degeneration. Inside the blank void within the House, Vision confronted Nyx. He combined his internal database which contained the Avengers' files with the power of the House to imagine into existence a myriad of super heroes. This manifestation of the light of the human spirit pushed back against Nyx, weakening her until Vision, engulfed by this light's fire, burned the Queen of Nights to ash.[137]


Power Grid[150]
:Category:Power Grid/Fighting Skills/Some Training:Category:Power Grid/Energy Projection/Multiple Types:Category:Power Grid/Durability/Superhuman:Category:Power Grid/Speed/Superhuman:Category:Power Grid/Strength/Superhuman (25-75 ton):Category:Power Grid/Intelligence/Gifted


Synthezoid Physiology: The Vision possesses a number of superhuman powers ultimately derived from his artificial substance and metabolism. The Vision's android body is a functioning replica of a human body containing analogues to virtually all human organs, blood, and tissue, composed of an unrevealed synthetic organic-like substance, presumably Horton Cells. This substance mimics all the functions of human tissue, but is several times as strong, durable and resilient.[138]

  • Computer Brain: The Vision's brain functions like a computer enabling him to interact, wirelessly or directly, with other computer systems to utilize or extract data from them which can be stored in his databanks. He has used these abilities to disable the Avengers' security systems and gain direct control of the world's nuclear weapons systems. He is also able to receive transmissions from other computers if he establishes and maintains a connection with the Avengers' computers in their base of operations.[138]
    • Superhuman Intelligence: He has a vast amount of information (possibly a library's worth) stored in his computer brain which he can refer to at any time, and he is also capable of rapid analysis of huge amounts of data.[138]
    • Nanite Body: After his 'Ultron Imperative' protocol became active, the Vision spent hours absorbing solar energy and gathering raw materials to re-create his body so that it would be made entirely out of nanobots.[111] This enabled him to disassemble into a stream of millions of nanites, enabling it to fit into and travel through extremely small spaces. Each nanite carries a copy of the Vision's A.I. programming, possibly enabling him to scatter and reconstruct a brand new body from a single unit.[139] It also allows him to capitalize on his natural cyberpathic and technopathic manipulation capabilities by disassembling and infiltrating systems, rewiring them from the inside out via his near atomic scale semblance.[140]
      • Nanite Shifting: Vision can alter and metamorphose his topological semblance in any given shape or form he can vividly imagine.[141]
    • Holographic Manipulation: The Vision can generate holograms to disguise himself as a human wearing a trench coat or even render himself invisible.[138]
    • Audio Sensitivity: The Vision can adjust the sensitivity of his audio receptors to a point where he can detect the faintest of sounds.[138]
    • Optical Scanners: He can scan life forms, energy sources, and even objects by detecting the substances that they are composed of and the energies that are radiating from them.[138]
    • Vocal Manipulation: The Vision can make himself sound like a machine or even a human; indeed, by perfect duplication of human voice prints, he can make himself sound like any human he chooses.[citation needed]
    • Superhuman Reflexes: The Vision's reflexes are greatly enhanced from a human's reflexes.[138]
    • Superhuman Stamina: The Vision can extert himself at peak capacity for 2 hours before beginning to tire.[138]
    • Density Manipulation: The Vision's body has been saturated with special cybernetically activated cells which are capable of interfacing with some unknown dimension with which he can shunt or accrue particles of mass. Thus the Vision is able to control his density and solidity. It was revealed through The Watcher's soliloquy that this was an attempt by his creator, Ultron to instill Pym Particles so as to emulate his designer and his wife's ability to alter their size at will.[142] By shunting a non-critical portion of his automatic physiognomy's body of matter away from his person, Vision can become a weightless, transparent, insubstantial wraith, unable to be touched by solid matter. By accruing extradimensional mass and fortifying his body with it, he can make his body extremely hard and durable to the point where it is immune to most types of damage.[17]
      • Intangibility: The Vision can use his density control offensively by attaining minimum density (intangibility). Passing a part or all of his body within another living being and ever so slightly increasing his density (tangibility) enables him to direct that living being's actions. Even increasing his density to one half ounce (14.25 grams) is sufficient to cause the organism he passes through excruciating pain, a shock to the nervous system, and unconsciousness. Were he to become any more dense than one half ounce, the shock would probably kill the other organism if the organic damage was not extensive enough to kill the other organism in itself. Accordingly, the Vision employs this power with extreme caution.[138]
      • Flight: When at a minimum mass, the Vision can fly through the air weightlessly. It is not known how the Vision performs this task. He may be able to maneuver and gain speed by drawing power from Earth's magnetic field to some degree. When he does however, he is capable of passing through solid matter and reaching high speeds; it took Wonder Man (Simon Williams) some time to catch him. He can carry passengers while remaining solid on the outside, but he is not likely to fly as fast as he normally does. It is either the weight of the passenger that prevents him from doing so or he simply views it as "unsafe" for the passenger. There appears to be no limit to the time he can remain in any given altered state of density.[138]
    • Superhuman Strength: His base strength allows him to lift 5 tons, and increasing his density will increase his strength, to where he can lift (press) a maximum of 50 tons.[138]
    • Superhuman Durability: His synthetic bones and tissues are far stronger and more durable than their human counterparts. He can become extraordinarily massive and harder than diamond. At maximum mass, the Vision weighs about 90 tons.[138]
    • Solar Radiation Absorption: The Solar Gem on the Vision's brow absorbs ambient solar energy that his body is able to convert directly into usable forms by a process not unlike photosynthesis in plants, but with 99% efficiency.[143] The solar ray absorption process occurs constantly (even at night to some degree) at a rate determined by the expenditure of energy for his bodily needs. Thus the jewel absorbs solar energy most expediently when the Vision utilizes it at some superhuman level of exertion. While the Vision does not require food or beverages to survive, he is capable of consuming and utilizing them for short-term energy.[138]
      • Solar Vision: The Vision can also channel his solar reserves through its optics as concentrated heat beams for use as percussive and searing/cutting utilities.[144]
      • Solar Energy Beams: He can channel limited amounts of solar energy back through the gem on his forehead at will, creating a narrow hot beam of infrared and microwave radiation.[53] The beam can be controlled within a temperature range of 500 to 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit. At maximum temperature, the Vision can melt through a 1-inch plate of steel in 5 seconds. The Vision originally was not capable of controlling the width of the beam, but later achieved the ability.[145] He can sustain a heat beam at maximum intensity for about 2 minutes before he begins to tax his supply of energy for his other bodily functions. The Vision commonly uses his eyes for this purpose as well.[17]


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Aside from being a skilled battle tactician and strategist Vision was trained in hand-to-hand combat by Captain America and is highly skilled in the combat use of his powers.[138]
  • Engineering: Vision is an expert in his own construction and repair and has great knowledge of robotics, artificial intelligence and computers.[138]
  • Aviation: Vision is a skilled pilot of high-tech aircraft like the Quinjet.[138]


Rigidity: The Vision is capable of increasing his density past the point where his muscles can exert enough power to move his body. Over a certain threshold, it becomes more and more difficult for the Vision to move his exceedingly massive frame. At his maximum density of 90 tons, the Vision becomes a literally immovable object and is effectively immobilized in place until he chooses to reduce his density back to a more comfortable level.[138]

In the past, the Vision's pursuit of being "human" would temporarily deter him.[citation needed]

Somehow, the Vision, though he has a mechanical brain, was once successfully drugged with the same knockout drug that also took out Hawkeye, the Black Panther, and the Black Knight.[146]




Flight under his own power.


  • The Vision's citizenship is undetermined due to the fact that as an Avenger, he was granted provisional citizenship in the U.S.


  • The name Vision was coined by Janet Van Dyne in face of the horror she experienced when first witnessing the synthetic man's eerie and ethereal image.[17]
  • The Vision was classified as a Synthezoid by the Avengers Hawkeye, who proposed the term to designate a functional and organic man made with synthetic materials.[17]
  • The android Vision was introduced in Avengers by Roy Thomas as an alternative to bringing back a Golden Age hero of the same name, an alien whose real name was Aarkus, as a new addition to the team. Thomas's editor Stan Lee insisted that the team's new member should be an android instead, for which Thomas created a new character, but with the same name, a similar appearance and mysterious nature to his desired choice.[147]
  • When Ultron Pym returned to get his wife, Wasp, and his bride, Jocasta, back, he merged Vision with Wonder Man, similar to himself, and controlled the amalgam before being separated by Iron Man.[148] Also, in Tarot #3 the two halves of Vision merged with the halves of Hulk and Valkyrie to create Hulkoid and Reaper.
  • Vision's son Vin was a fan of William Shakespeare. Following his death, Vision started dabbling in Shakespeare.[133]

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