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Brought to Earth-616 by Proctor in his quest to rid the multiverse of Sersis, this Vision was first used as part of a plot to infiltrate the Avengers of Earth-616. Kidnapping the Vision of Earth-616 and using a device, the two Visions found themselves in each others' bodies (with the Earth-616 Vision regaining a semblance of his original multi-hued body and this Vision gaining the all-white body), and this Vision then infiltrated the Avengers.[citation needed]

Planning to kill Gatherers' betrayer, Swordsman, as part of his mission, the Anti-Vision observed him very closely in the ensuing days, but these plans were halted when Sersi returned to the team, seemingly driven mad by the Gann Josin she had enacted between herself and Black Knight. When the other Avengers failed to contain her, Anti-Vision drove his phased fist into her skull, then partially solidified it, rendering her unconscious. Moving in for the kill, he was stopped by a returning Captain America, who questioned when the Avengers had become killers.[citation needed]

Eventually revealing his true nature, he escaped during the final battle between the Avengers and Gatherers.[citation needed]

Weeks later, as the Earth-616's Vision was attempting to piece his life together, he became embroiled in a plot involving Anti-Vision, who had taken his former Gatherers' teammates Jocasta and Tabula into his thrall, along with Ultron. Changing their core functions, he manipulated them all into driving Vision mad before finally revealing himself and being defeated by Vision.[citation needed]



Seemingly those of the Vision of Earth-616.

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