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Quote1.png I have come to take this boy's life. As he took my boy's life. I would greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter. However, I do not require your cooperation in this matter. Quote2.png

Appearing in "You and I Were Born For Better Things"

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Synopsis for "You and I Were Born For Better Things"

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Solicit Synopsis

• The Avengers draw a line in the sand. They tell Vision he is not to cross this line. If he does, they will destroy him. “Remember,” they say. “You’re an Avenger. First. Always.” “Stay where you are,” they say. “Don’t cross the line,” they say. Vision nods. He tells them he understands.

• Then Vision crosses the line.

• The end is coming for the most critically acclaimed book of the year, and no one is safe. Don’t miss the issue everyone will be talking about.

• Also, hail Hydra.

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