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Quote1.png I cannot take her back! I cannot countenance betrayal! ... Enough about love! Enough about all of you! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Spring Fever"

After Crystal's collapse, Norm took her to the doctor with the story that he simply found her outside her sister-in-law's place. After weeks in the care of the Inhumans in Attilan, she's still comatose. Vision and Wanda have come to Attilan to check in on her and have brought Norm along to hopefully learn more about what happened to her, but his story hasn't changed, though guilt begins to weaken him and the others begin to notice something's off.

The truth is revealed when Crystal, in her delirium, mutters about Norm as Pietro watches over her. Quicksilver's grief immediately transforms into rage and he speeds off to exact revenge on Norm. Vision and the Inhumans do their best to calm him down and protect Norm, leading Quicksilver to further frustration over not feeling accepted by the Inhumans on top of his wife's betrayal.

While everyone else tries to bring Pietro under control, Wanda uses her witchcraft in an attempt to save Crystal's life. Communing with Crystal's soul on the spiritual plane, Wanda gets her to help guide her to transmute the pollutants infecting her, but first Crystal needs the will to go on living even though she's afraid of her life crumbling due to the scandal she's created. Both parties are ultimately successful and Crysal and Pietro are reunited for a private conversation. Wanda hopes Pietro will take his wife back, but to her disappointment, he leaves unable to forgive her.


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