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Vision and Wanda had been living off their savings since losing their Avengers salary, but the coming of tax season prompts them to reach for new income options. They agree to let NOW Magazine do a photo layout on their home, for which photographer Peter Parker stops by one day to get the shots while visiting with the couple and pretending he doesn't know them as Spider-Man. With the news that the baby coming is looking to be a big one, Dr. Strange has recommended that Wanda take things especially easy in her last month, and so she's spending the day coaching Holly in witchcraft.

Vision is just seeing Parker off at the bus stop when the Terrible Toad King, now wearing a massive set of teleporting mechanical frog armor, launches another surprise attack to wrest Wanda away from him. Spider-Man is conveniently nearby to join the fray but is mostly disappointed with Toad as the last time he saw him, he was making an attempt to go straight. For a moment, Toad falters, ashamed that his "friend" Spider-Man is seeing him like this, but he quickly redoubles his attack, realizing that Spidey never really took him seriously either. He knocks out Vision and Spider-Man and moves on to break into the house to claim Wanda. However, as soon as he sees her eight months pregnant, his fantasy is shattered and he repulses. Not impressed, Wanda hexes the robotic armor onto the floor, incapacitating Toad long enough for Spidey and Vision to catch up. Spider-Man offers a seasonally themed moral about how the transactionality of friendship is like paying your taxes, but Toad, unheeded by the terrible analogy, teleports away to escape.


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