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Appearing in "Mutant Romance Tales"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Spector "Spec"
  • Charlie
  • Bernie
  • Fred
  • Kevin (electric company employee)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



  • Idols of Zor (from Power Man and Iron Fist #102)

Synopsis for "Mutant Romance Tales"

Doctor Strange delivers to Wanda the news that she's going to have a baby, a development she and the Vision attribute to her hex power channeling the energy of the Witches of New Salem. Their elated mood is threatened by their bigoted neighbors, who plot to burn down the couple's house as they did with the previous one. Unknown to Vision and Wanda, two other magicians are watching their backs. Glamor and Illusion overhear the neighbors' plot and stake out the property, using their powers to repel the vandals' attempts from the shadows. However, their presence doesn't go unnoticed by Vision, who is patrolling the neighborhood due to his own feelings of unease. They clash briefly before Glamor and Illusion are able to explain that they are also residents of the neighborhood with unusual powers looking for some peace of mind and only want to help as freaks like them have to stick together. Meanwhile, Wanda is out walking and gets attacked by the vandals, who are even angrier than before, thinking it was her magic and the invisible Vision that caught them earlier. Wanda effortlessly flings them into the branches of an overhanging tree and berates them, telling them how she just found out she was pregnant and pleading that they show some empathy at least as fellow parents. This, at last, somewhat gets through to the neighbors, who agree to leave her and her husband alone.

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