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  • Druidic tome (Destruction)



Synopsis for "The Others Call It... All Hallow's Eve!"

On Halloweeen night, Vision and the Scarlet Witch have been invited by Glamor and Illusion to watch one of their magic shows, but Wanda has other things to attend to. After making a call to Attilan to inform her brother, Quicksilver, of her pregnancy (which he takes well despite his past animosity towards the Vision), she begins a ritual to contact the spirit of Agatha Harkness, who had appeared to her earlier attempting to warn her of something. The ritual backfires when Wanda gets pulled into the realm of Samhain, where specters of the dead torment her, seeking to use the new life created within her to bridge the gap for themselves into the realm of the living.

With Wanda compromised, Agatha shocks the Vision by appearing to him in the middle of Glamor and Illusion's show. The other patrons dismiss the old woman's giant, floating, ghostly head as part of the act, but nonetheless the show is cut short as Glynis and Ilya follow the Vision home to respond to Agatha's cryptic message. To save Wanda, they need to destroy the Druidic Tome. At first, this seems like a redundant task, as they had already burned the book during a previous Hallowe'en, but they realize that even as ashes, the book gives Samhain a foothold in their world. Ilya points out that his power over an object's molecules means that if he has access to even one fragment, he can call all the others back together into their original form. Vision can think of only one chance to narrow down the search for the ashes -- the costume of one of the possessed children from that night whom he had fought in the air above their chimney when the book was burned. He heads out to track down the girl at her home, convinces her to turn over the costume (thankfully unwashed and stored in the attic), and returns it to Illusion, who is able to reform the tome so that Vision can promptly atomize it with his solar beam.

At that moment, Samhain has trapped Wanda and is about to complete the ritual to free himself into her world when the destruction of the book causes him to lose form. As free-floating energy, he can still complete his ritual, but Agatha Harkness takes her chance to intervene, redirecting the energy into the specters of her treacherous grandchildren. Wanda and her unborn child are free to return to the land of the living.


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