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Appearing in "No Strings Attached!"

Featured Characters:

Dinner Guests:


  • Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (replicas)
    • Toad
    • Mastermind (replica)
    • Magneto (replica)
    • Quicksilver (replica)

Other Characters:




  • Toad's spaceship

Synopsis for "No Strings Attached!"

Vision and Wanda are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at their home and various friends and family members are delighted to attend, at least until they're joined by a casually-dressed Magneto, whom Wanda felt obligated to invite after informing him of her pregnancy. Though Magneto is reformed, the reputation of the former leader of the Evil Mutants and his violent history with many of the superheroic guests create an unspoken tension that clouds the air of what is meant to be a festive gathering. After the dinner, Magneto takes his daughter aside in another attempt to explain his position and ask for forgiveness, which she angrily rebukes, suggesting that he would have to do much more than beg for forgiveness after all he had done to her and her brother. They're interrupted by a visit from the young Holly LaDonna looking to ask Wanda for magic lessons, which Magneto takes as his queue to storm off. Overall, the night is relatively pleasant as Thanksgivings go.

While flying away, Magneto catches a glimpse of something alarming, which prompts him to return and quietly gather Vision and Pietro out into the back yard, where they're shocked to be confronted with copies of the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, minus the Scarlet Witch. During the ensuing battle, they originally suspect Mastermind and his ability to create illusions as being responsible for the obvious contradiction of the anachronistic Magneto and Quicksilver facing them, but when Vision pulls up data on Toad, he has Magneto pull the blood from his brain, which momentarily knocks him out and causes the other copies to collapse. It turns out Toad once again acquired the Stranger's technology and made his own Brotherhood and is now attacking out of his unrequited feelings for Wanda. He has a getaway spaceship which projects a forcefield to protect him, but just as he's about to escape with his robotic minions, his Quicksilver punches him out, revealed to be the real Pietro who changed to his classic outfit at super-speed.

After the fight, Vision suggests that Magneto's good deed in warning them might help with his reconciliation with Wanda, but Magneto declines and requests that Wanda learn nothing about the encounter. He doesn't want to seem like he did anything just for her approval, leaving with the thought that his ongoing good works in the world will eventually prove his worth.


  • The story takes place during Thanksgiving.
  • Captain America notes that him being there with Namor is effectively a reunion of the primary Invaders, considering Vision was rebuilt from the Human Torch. While Vision has none of Jim Hammond's memories and doesn't consider it a part of his identity, he's interested in the idea of it as his heritage.
  • Magneto's thoughts mention that his students, the New Mutants are spending their Thanksgiving with the Power Pack. This is a reference to Power Pack Vol 1 19 and 20.
  • Before the dinner, Norm Webster asks Crystal if it gets lonely on the moon in a way that almost seems like he's being a realtor and trying to get her interested in moving, but also comes across as flirting. As the next issue reveals, Norm and Crystal are having an affair within a month.

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