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  • Idols of Zor (destroyed by Crystal) (Destroyed)


Synopsis for "Sweet Sister!"

It's Martin Luther King's Birthday, and what is supposed to be his day off, Luke Cage is attacked by the priest of Zor that he had previously faced alongside the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. Realizing he'll need Wanda's magical help again and with Iron Fist away meditating, he heads to their home in Leonia while continuing to fend off attacks from the priest and his demons.

Wanda and Vision, meanwhile, are entertaining Holly, Pietro, and Crystal, with Holly internally fretting over seeing Crystal kissing Norm Webster at Christmas. When Luke arrives, crashing through their window, Wanda easily repels the demons chasing him. He tells his story and Wanda comes up with a plan. The demons want the idols of Zor in their possession and can always escape back to their dimension before getting captured, so the plan is to use the idols' magic to trap the priest on Earth, but first they have to get to the idols' hiding place. Wanda, Vision, Power Man, and Quicksilver head out by jet to Avengers Mansion (which they acknowledge they're not allowed to do), and from there travel across New York to the World Trade Center with the priests of Zor chasing them all the way and casting illusions on their environment to confound them. Power Man knows the streets of New York enough to navigate them blind and guides the group effortlessly to the roof of one of the Twin Towers. The final confrontation there ends when the priest suddenly loses his powers and disappears, as at the same time back in New Jersey Crystal has succeeded in the real plan. Wanda had led the demons on a wild goose chase to distract them and give the elemental Inhuman enough time to create a fire capable of destroying the idols, which had been at their home the entire time. Quicksilver is upset that Wanda didn't let the rest of them in on the real plan. Luke offers that even though he didn't get to relax on his day off, coming together as an equal with a group including even someone as obnoxious as Pietro is in the spirit of MLK's dream, somehow.


  • This story is a sequel to the team-up in Power Man and Iron Fist #102.
  • Vision had his left hand repaired after losing it in the previous issue.
  • The story takes place during Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which Wanda mentions is a "new holiday". The holiday was first observed on January 20th, 1986, the same month this issue was originally released.
  • The new rules restricting Avengers' air travel within the city are introduced in Avengers #262.

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