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Appearing in "Off-Line!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Norman Webster
  • Countess D'Arcy (owner of the Eye of Rajpur) (Mentioned)



  • Eye of Rajpur (emerald, stolen by Glamor from Countess D'Arcy)


Synopsis for "Off-Line!"

Glamor and Illusion invite Vision and Wanda along with them to New Orleans where they regularly perform for Mardi Gras. Though they all enjoy the atmosphere of the festival, the amount of attractive women dancing in varying states of undress makes Wanda feel insecure about her own appearance as she's filled out in her pregnancy. It doesn't help when Vision suddenly slips away and Wanda hears witness accounts of him being whisked away by a gorgeous blonde. Vision's excuse is that the blonde is the Enchantress, whose mystic charms enslave any man's soul, which prove just as effective on his. She's enlisted him to steal a valuable jewel from a Countess that would be immune to her charms, and Vision takes up the task eagerly. Even though he knows what the Enchantress does, his most logical conclusion in his charmed state is that none of it matters next to the intensity of the love he feels.

Unknown to Enchantress or the Vision, however, someone else has their sights on the jewel. It turns out Glamor and Illusion are secretly part-time thieves. Using an escape trick during their magic show as a cover, Glamor slips away in liquid form to the Countess' room, picks the safe, and gets away with the jewel, returning to the stage in time for the conclusion of the trick. When Vision gets to the safe afterwards and finds it empty, Enchantress' command can't reconcile with reality, forcing his mind into a logical paradox that lets him snap out of her spell, just as Wanda finds him. The two of them go to confront Enchantress and get the better of her. Enchantress confesses that she was partly motivated to exercise her charms out of competition with her sister, Lorelei. Vision assures her that her charms were completely effective, which sends the Enchantress teleporting away feeling satisfied. Wanda is less impressed with how forthright her husband is being about his errant emotions, but in his own way he assures her that there is nothing more real than the love he has for her.

Meanwhile back in Leonia, Crystal and Norm are taking advantage of Vision and Wanda's vacation to enjoy their affair with less sneaking around. Unfortunately, Crystal is spending so much time on Earth relying on her anti-pollution medication, an overdose causes her to collapse and Norm is left desperately wondering how to save her life without revealing their secret.


  • The story takes place during Mardi Gras.
  • Amora's rivalry with Lorelei is a plot that plays out from Thor #338 to Thor #359

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