The Vizzion was an android,[3] a robotic construction[7] artificially built. The development teams took the brain of a deceased superpowered person, William Simons, and duped it for Vizzion's brain - but Simons later resurrected, which somehow made them interchangeable twins while different in age, appearance and personality, in a way that even Vizzion could not understand. Vizzion also co-opted to the brain patterns of a Seymour, who had died heroically of cold robbies in 1964 - Seymour's brother Dour Dead-head disliked the situation and was angry at Vizzion for this.[1]

The Vizzion became a superhero and a member of the Revengers.[7] He met Wanda, the Scarlet Wench, a mutant superhero, and they fell in love, which was unsurprising to him.[3] Wanda's brother Slicksilver opposed to their relation - he could not prevent them from marrying, but he still thought it was a bad idea. They not only married, but they moved twice to Leonia, New Jersey - the first time, they doubted that the neighbours would accept them, as they were different. The second time they moved knowing that the neighbours would reject them, but Wanda convinced them to leave.[1]

Wanda then revealed to Vizzion that she was pregnant,[1] even though he was an android. However, he believed. This was really a trick by Wanda: The supposed children would be simply marionettes, animated by her powers. Vizzion began to suspect Wanda of not being faithful to him but found nothing. Eventually, Vizzion stopped researching, blame himself for doubting her. He left to fight crime and returned home to Wanda, being none the wiser.[3]

The Vizzion and the Wench then gave a housewarming party in their new home, inviting friends and relatives. Vizzion was aghast at seeing his father-in-law Magneeto, a veteran super-villain who only recently had became a heroe. Some partypooping villains tried to spoil the party, but the Wench and the Vizzion leaped to oppose them: Vizzion used his bolts against the so-called Cape Cod Coven, and he withstood the charming powers of Allura. They would, however, have more trouble facing the Mortgage Broker.[1]

Now in spectral white!

Still a member of the Revengers, the Vizzion joined his teammates in the saga called "Infernal Secret Invasion of Evolutionary Crises!!"[7] After this event, the Vizzion suffered some structural important changes: His body turned spectral white, and he lost memories of his marriage and of the birth of his children (which apparently had already happened). He took the name Visine and remained in the Revengers, still partnered with the Wench, although he behaved as a loony.[8] However, he did not remember anything and was creepy.[9]

Visine answered the summon of Revenger leader Chaplain America to meet and discuss the arrival of many Dee-See villains. Revengers Wisp and Wondrous Man (who was Vizzion's brother William) believed to see spectral Visine and red-cladded Wench approaching, but they were wrong: Those were characters from a different company. Eventually, Visine and Wench came, but Visine provided zit to the problem - only newbie Revenger Motorola discovered the reason of the problem and was able to solve it.[8]

That was not the last time Visine had a meeting with Dee-See guys, but I'm anticipating. Chaplain America later demanded a Revenger membership drive, something that Visine and other Revengers found boring. They expressed their complaints by speaking out loud at once, and they found it eerie because they were speaking at once. They eventually agreed, but they were interrupted by a phone call warnng them of a villain team hiding in a warehouse, so they went to investigate. Really, the phone call was phony: Villains Kranky and Jokester had also phoned the Just-A-League, a Dee-See superhero team, with a similar message. They expected that the two hero teams would meet and fight each other. Indeed they did, with each of the heroes choosing a dueling opponent. However, as the Revengers had more fighting members than the League, the Visine made a mistake and started wrestling a Revenger, the Black & Blue Panther. They seemed to understand the mistake and moved to attack Leaguers (maybe even Doctor Face), especially when the editors came and encouraged them to go on with the senseless fight for the sake of sales.[2]

The Visine was then seen in the backstage of comic-book creation. Editors Terry Kavanagh and Bob were hurrying through the area looking for star character Wolvie, and they accidentally threw a painting scaffold on Visine. With a bucket on his head and a traumatism, Visine claimed to have suddenly remembered all of his past, and literally ran back to his marriage and fatherhood.[9] Wanda accepted him, still wanting to go on with her false-children scam.[3]

Still a Revenger and a superhero, but changing his name to the Vision and with the secret identity of Al Bino,[3] and sometimes Buster,[4] he went on with his life. Vision attended to the funeral of Chaplain America's new teen sidekick, Bunky II.[10]

Married with Superpowers

The Vision had trouble with his marriage, especially as he mistrusted Wanda - exactly as she wanted him to. Wanda took his Revengers check and went to shop clothes, and even if Vision was angry, he could not prevent Wanda's relatives to visit. Vision confessed to his neighbour that he doubted about Wanda's faithfulness; he believed that a different superhero may be the children's father, and that they may even inherit his powers. The neighbour suggested to tell a friend superhero with lie-detecting powers and Vision thought about DuhhDevil. To give DuhhDevil a chance to ask all the family friends, Vision gave a costume party. He did, and then Duhhdevil told him that none of the present people had ever did anything with Wanda. Vision, much more calm, sang a melody about the subject with his friends singing along, and they leave to celebrate by ridding the world of injustice. Vision insisted they go after Magneeto and hit him with an anvil, not because he was a villain, which he was not any longer, but because he was his father-in-law. Wanda saw them left and confessed to her friends.[3]

Later, Visionary started working with the Revengers sometimes in his traditional red skin,[11] changing to white skin to be with his wife[4] but sometimes with the Revengers too; I can't find a behavior pattern.[12][13] As a Revenger, he discussed with Ironed Man about where to go lunch.[11]

Same as Vision has had trouble with Wanda,[3] she had trouble with him too: Since his brain pattern change, Vision had become too boring. She insisted on taking Vision to a mall and buy a new brain; he opposed to this, while singing and making nerd references. Once in the mall, the attendant, a Mad Stinker, offered several brains, including an aggressive one that guaranteed a new series, a snorp-talking one, a geeky one, a hippie one, and a Mad Stinker one, each of them changing the Vision's appearance and personality. Finally, the Stinker gave the Vision a transformationer brain, which turned the Vision into a toaster. Wanda was happy at the change, having a husband who would finally help in house chores which would be very useful in combination with her own hex powers. She left with him (or it).[4]

Further appearances

As a member of the Revengers, Vision helped Motorola learn to fly.[12]

When the Skrull K'Trell revealed to the Revengers that he had been Chaplain America's original partner Bunky, other Revengers, including the Chaplain, Visionary, Sersi and Waste revealed that they were Skrulls too - but they decided to go on with their impersonation of human superheroes.[14] Let's go back to what's not so harsh on continuity: Visionary kept worked with the Revengers in world-saving activities, [15]

The alien Smilin' Sulatu of the Watcher species wanted to reshoot the classic movie Driving Miss Daisy in "the Mighty Marble Style." In the movie, the Quasi-Humans wanted a guest start to pair with Medoozy and decided to hold job interviews. The Vision, in red, was among the several super-powered beings who queued for the job, but he was not chosen. You can see him behind Superbman in civil identity, and in front of a Skrull.[16]

Okey, now somethin' a little bit out of the time. The Forbush Man went back in time to the Salem trials of 1692 AD, and he was to be hanged along with the Ivory Wench, great great great great great great grandmother of Wanda. Forbush convinced her to conjure up a spectral vision to scare up the villagers, and she conjured a giant image of the white Vision, whom she had never seen, demanding a new series. The villagers ran scared, saying that they hated the new costume.[6]

The Visionary rejoined the Revengers and other heroes for an all-out attack against the godlike Thermos, who had obtained almost-omnipotent powers when grabbing the Infinity Mitten, having already killed half of the universe's population and threatening to keep on killing until Death would love him. While the Vision did not intuitively understand the ethical implications of the heroes' raid, the other heroes convinced him to join. However, Thermos obliterated them all and destroyed the whole universe - however, Death rebuffed him and started dating Super Mario because video games were killing the whole comic industry.[17] Soon afterward, apparently, most if not all the dead superheroes resurrected; apparently Thermos decided to reboot everything, as his romantic approach was a failure.[18]

The Visionary returned to his work in the Revengers, sometimes doing such humiliating chores as serving cocktails to Chaplain America and female company.[19] I mean, they have a butler after all, I saw him when the Just-A-League.[2]

Later, the evil monster Dumsday threatened to destroy New York City. The red-skinned Visionary and the Revengers joined other heroes to oppose Dumsday, but Dumsday was way too powerful and swept the floor with Visionary and the other heroes. Some heroes looked for a proxy agent to fight Dumsday and found him in Forbush Man, who succeeded at killing the creature—albeit accidentally, of course.[20]


Brain Change: If the Visionary's brain is changed with another person's, his personality and body will change accordingly: For instance, a military-guy brain would turn him into a soldier with traumatic flashbacks and even weaponry (only, the physical changes will not include color, with the Visionary's white color remaining). When given the brain of a transformationer, the Visionary will become an electronic appliance. The process requires a brain, an expert with knowledge on how to set it on, and a willing Visionary.[4]

Color change: After becoming spectrally white, the Visionary can change his skin color back to his traditional red hue.[21]

Eerie Speak: The Visionary can speak the same exact words at exactly the same moment as other characters. He and other characters found it eerie.[2]

Flight: The Visionary can fly and teach other flying heroes how it's done.[12]

Irrelevance: The Visionary can turn himself irrelevant [sic.] to avoid his enemies' attacks.[1] This seems to be related with the intangibility of other characters: The Visionary can move through solid objects including floors[2] and ceilings.[17]

Memory Shock: At one point, the Visionary forgot everything about his marriage to the Scarlet Wench and the children they had had together. However, an accident caused a trauma on his head by the crash of a painting implement (a pot), and the Visionary then claimed to have recovered his memory.[9] However, his personality was still affected and he had become a bore.[4]

Robotic construction: As the Visionary is not a man but a robot, he can withstand attacks specifically directed toward human beings, such as Allura the Enrapturess trying to charm him.[1] He can open up the top of his head to show his robotic insides.[7]

Sun Lamp Beams: The Visionary can blast his enemies by blasting them with sun lamp beams from his forehead jewel.[1] When angry, the jewel instead will expel vapor.[3]


Visionary has some talent to sing and to give foot massage.[3] After his brain wipe, the Visionary became a boring guy,[4] even after recovering his memories (Not the same thing, data and personality).[9] His reasoning tends to be pragmatic and to the point, without giving much thought to ethics.[17]

He has some teaching skills[12] and can also serve cocktails[19] and provide phone assitance.[15]


Sometimes he wears neckchains and a Mohawk because his favorite TV show is The A-Team.[13]

The Vision(ary) appears in the passtime What the's really awful, some even worse than others… list of visual puns in What The--?! #19. He is twice in the example, with the answer being "double vision." This cannot be fit in continuity.[22]

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