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According to Rick Jones, Vista Verde (or someplace nearby) is the birthplace of the Hulk, from which scientist Bruce Banner became effected by the radiation of the Gamma Bomb and transformed into the Hulk for the first time. Hulk is unofficially the town's local mascot and a place where, unlike other places in the world, people embrace the Hulk as one of their own. Several establishments in town, including a burger joint, miniature golf course, and Smilin' Stan's auto dealer, feature Hulk-themed decorations in honor of their local hometown hero.

In a hollowed-out mesa just outside of the town, Hulk makes his Gamma Base in the cellar of an old military base. It comes equipped with a hangar for the Jump Jet, an anti-gravity holding cell, weapons locker, and plenty of recreational space for Hulks in their down time.[citation needed]


  • "Vista Verde" is Spanish for "Green Sight."

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