For generations, the Montesi family had been charged with the safekeeping of the penultimate black magic tome - the Darkhold. To this end, Catholic priest Vittorio Montesi was allowed to marry and sire offspring with the intent of producing heirs that will take up the responsibility of guarding the Darkhold and tracking down the many "lost pages" that have surfaced over the years.[1][2]

Vittorio discovered he was sterile and feared the Montesi line would end with him. Believing his faith would protect his soul, Vittorio cast a fertility spell from the Darkhold itself in order to conceive an heir. Vittorio was always resentful of the fact that his wife bore him a daughter rather than a son, but inwardly he knew that his child, Victoria, would one day inherit the duty of a Darkhold Redeemer.[3]

Several years ago, Victoria Montesi began experiencing macabre visions relating to the Darkhold. After an explosion in her apartment forced Vicki into the hospital, she reunited with her father, but never told him about the horrific nightmares she had experienced.[1]

It was eventually discovered that Victoria was not Vittorio's daughter at all, but the daughter of Chthon, the Elder God whose power flowed through the Darkhold.[3]


Montesi is a scholar of the occult and an expert on matters as it relates to the Catholic church and it's doctrines.

Strength level

Montesi possesses the strength level of a man his age, size and weight who engages in minimal regular exercise.

  • Although Montesi is a public figure, very few know of his connection to the Darkhold.

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