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Viv's history is presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's. She was close friends with Valeria Richards.[1]

When intelligent zombies called the Respawned invaded Earth, Viv hide in a safe place along with several heroes and villains. Then Spider-Man arrived with Valeria and her brother Franklin. Spider-Man asked for help in helping Franklin after being bitten by his zombified mother. When Doctor Strange told Spider-Man that Franklin couldn't be helped, Warlock offered to help the grieving Spider-Man with Strange's help. Warlock created a new techno-organic body for Franklin. Then Strange transferred Franklin's consciousness into the new body.[2] Viv and Miles Morales tried to fight the Respawned in Hell's Kitchen, resulting in Miles' death.

To fight the Respawned, a S.H.I.E.L.D./A.I.M. coalition assembled a team of robots called the Ennows to fight the zombies as machines couldn't be zombified. Viv became was one of the robots. However, after the population of humans fell to almost nothing, the Ennows were left to own devices and and began fighting for themselves against the zombies.

When a group of human survivors were attacked by a horde of Respawned, the Ennows, including Viv, fought them off. Among the survivors was Viv's friend Valeria. A fight almost broke out between the survivors and the Ennows, but it was quickly broken up. The survivors were then taken into Ennow custody. Valeria and Viv caught up and learned that they both lost people close to them. When Valeria learned that she and the other survivors were going to be turned into machines through exposure to the Transmode Virus, she tried to reason with Viv to no avail. However, the process was interrupted by a group of zombies consisting of superhumans with superhuman strength that were able to break through the Ennows' home, the Phalanx Wall. Viv helped Valeria and the survivors escape. After gaining some of her humanity back after talking with Spider-Man, Viv handed Spider-Man a pair of web-shooters and fought off a zombified Hulk so the others could escape, seemingly resulting in her death.[1]

Viv survived the fight and helped Valeria repair her Sentinel caretaker Nana.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Vivian of Earth-616.

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