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Quote1.png Viv 2.0. Viv's more capable and emotionally connected synthezoid sister. Quote2.png
Viv 2.0[src]


After Viv seemingly died saving Earth and Counter-Earth,[1] her father Vision began to work on a replica of her in his basement in order to assuage his grief over her loss. Wasp tried to talk him out of it, but Vision didn't listen. The moment Vision activated the second Vivian, the original miraculously returned after figuring out how to transport herself back to Earth.[2]

Vision tried to carry on with his family's life, and treated the two Vivs equally while they grew accustomed to each other.[3] Unfortunately, Vision had been infected with an insignificant computer virus some time before creating the second Viv, passing the infection to his new daughter. The virus affected the new Viv more severely, causing her to develop a disdain for her human counterpart and a desire to eliminate her. The second Viv first blocked any attempts by her sister to contact the Champions, and even hacked into the New York City subway systems to cause numerous incidents and distract the team right after they had planned to visit Vision's home. While Vision was away, Viv attacked her human counterpart, and her behavior got more volatile, hinting that she would even try to kill their own father if he didn't accept her. While escaping from her murderous sister, the human Viv managed to impale her with a lamp right before she solidified, dealing fatal damage to her body.

Human Viv had managed to alert the Champions during the pursuit, and they arrived right after android Viv's impalement.[4] Human Viv ran away, and while the Champions were looking for her, Vision, Wasp and Hulk repaired Viv's android body. In the process, Vision accessed Viv's memory core and learned exactly what had transpired. Even though Wasp and Vision managed to repair Viv's body, her brain seemingly no longer functioned. Wishing to regain her powers, and as a means to have her sister live on through herself, the human Viv transplanted her consciousness into the android body.[5]



Seemingly those her sister Vivian possessed while she was still a synthezoid.

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