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Viv Vision's history is presumably similar to her Earth-616 counterpart's. At an unknown period in time, Viv suffered damage to her head but was able to continue operating. Viv later became a resistance leader who fought against Lord Doom and his army and went by the title the Avenger. One of her fighters went to her after they saw the Universal Church of Truth member Pulsar fly by thinking he was one of Doom's lackeys. A telepathic image was shown to Viv of Star-Lord battling against Fin Fang Foom.

Viv deduced that if Star-Lord was there, the Guardians of the Galaxy were with him. She decided to have one of her operatives send out a broadcast to any of their forces in the area to arrive at Star-Lord's coordinates and to bring the Guardians back to her before Doom could get them; however, as Viv's message was sent, Pulsar intercepted the transmission and flew to the area first.[1] She later witnessed a burst of energy sent by Pulsar after sacrificing himself to send an alert to the Universal Church that Earth was vulnerable.[2]

She and her band of rebels eventually Star-Lord after he battled with the Imperial Guard at the remains of the Baxter Building, which unleashed a tear in the spacetime continuum after damaging a time machine.[3] After learning from Star-Lord that the Universal Church threatened Earth's safety by bringing their god Galactus to feed upon it, Viv suggested to him that he was travel into the space-time tear he created and retrieve the Ultimate Nullifier on the past he needed to defeat Galactus.[4]

While waiting for Star-Lord to return, Viv and her bands of rebels were forced to battle an amry of Doombots sent by Doom. When it appeared Star-Lord wouldn't return, Viv ordered a retreat but was then knocked out by Doom's lieutenant Madame Masque. The surviving rebels avoided the Doombots with thanks to illusions created by Jeremy. When Star-Lord returned and was being taken away by Doom for execution, Viv came to and led her rebels in a rescue mission to save Star-Lord. Star-Lord was able to defeat Galactus by lobotomizing him with a Time Stone shard. Viv rebuilt Star-Lord's ship and asked for him to stay to fight Doom, but Star-Lord left to fight what remaining of the Church.[5]

Later, Doom began exerting his will upon the territories in the western part of Amerika and targeted communities he suspected of rebellion. This included Viv's encampment in Cedar City and wiped out everyone there. In desperation, Viv used the last of her energy to send an radio signal asking for help. Weeks later, a group of heroes arrived in Cedar City and found Viv. After fighting off an army of vampires, Ant-Man fixed up Viv. Wanting to end Doom's rule, Viv joined the young heroes' mission to fighting Doom. Viv also gifted Captain America of the team with the original shield of Captain America[6] she stole from Red Skull's trophy room years ago.[7]

Viv and the young heroes traveled to Osborn City believing it to be Doom's next target, but it was really a trap set by several aging villains so they could kill the young heroes. Viv was first attacked by Absorbing Man and killed him after tricking him into copying her density shifting power. Most of the other villains were eventually killed by a swarm of locusts commanded by Ant-Man. Viv then finished off the remaining villain M.O.D.O.K.[8]

When Viv and the young heroes reached New Latveria, they battled Doom and an army of Doombots. With Hulk Jr.'s help, Viv disabled the Doombots and then defeated Doom. She stopped Ant-Man from killing Doom when she discovered that Doom was dying of cancer and that all his recent actions was so the young heroes would come and kill him in battle. Ant-Man spared Doom, and the young heroes began rebuilding the country.[9]



Seemingly those of the Viv Vision of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Viv Vision of Earth-616.

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