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Early Life

Vlad Dracula is the legendary King of the Vampires. He ruled the Vampire nation for centuries, keeping his identity a secret from humanity, allowing them to believe he is nothing more then a myth. During World War II, Transylvania is invaded by Hydra. He formed an alliance with the Allied Forces and worked closely with Captain America, with the idea of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

The Cabal

Dracula was contacted by one of the Red Skull's probes with an offer to join his Cabal. A collection of villains gathered to help defeat the Avengers.[1]

Blood Feud

The Avengers battle Dracula who had kidnapped Black Widow and turned her into a Vampire. They travel to Transylvania and confront him at Castle Dracula. He reveals that he was an ally of Captain America during World War II, working together to defeat the invading Hydra forces. He wants the Super-Soldier Serum in Cap's blood which will allow him and his subject the ability to go out in the sunlight. During the fight he drinks the Hulk's blood absorbing his powers and turning the Hulk into a Vampire. However the Hulk gamma cells act like tiny suns and he burns away the infection, which also weakens Dracula. In his defeat his minion drag him underground to safety. In his weakened state he is met by the Red Skull who offered him a position in his Cabal.[2]


Dracula planned to obtain the pieces of the Tekhamentep's Ankh and join them together so that he could be harmed by vampire weaknesses. Dracula arrived at the Museum of Natural History after Spider-Man removed the Tekamentep's Ankh from it's cloaking shield. He engaged Blade and Spider-Man's team in battle where Nova's supernova maneuver attack did not work. He even tried to bite Power Man only to discover his invulnerability which resulted in Dracula using his mind-control on Power Man to control him into attacking Blade and the rest of the team. Then Dracula mind-controlled the rest of Spider-Man's team which did not work on Spider-Man since he had reflective lens in his mask. In the Herbarium, Spider-Man activated the UV lights which harmed Dracula until the Spider-Man's mesmerized teammates got Dracula away from the museum. [3]

The Howling Commandos

Dracula later appeared again with Spider-Man's mesmerized team when they arrived on the Tri-carrier to get Tekamentep's Ankh. Spider-Man tried to fight Dracula when he tried to grab the Ankh as Spider-Man was assisted by Frankenstein's Monster. Dracula succeeded in making off with Tekamentep's Ankh as Werewolf by Night stated that Dracula would activate Tekamentep's Ankh at sunrise. They used the Monster Truck, Spider-Man, Blade, and the Howling Commandos headed to Transylvania and confronted Dracula. Spider-Man, Blade, and the Howling Commandos entered Dracula's castle where Dracula unleashed his minions on them. When they confronted Dracula, the Howling Commandos fought to keep Dracula from activating the Ankh while Spider-Man freed his team. Dracula then prepared to join the pieces of Tekamentep's Ankh, but Spider-Man snatches the Ankh out of Dracula's hands with the help of Frankenstein's Monster as the sun raised. This caused Dracula to retreat while N'Kantu, the Living Mummy planned to use the Tekamentep's Anhk to restore himself to life.[4]

Against The Skull

Dracula was one of the few Cabal members who teamed up with the Avengers to stop the Cosmic Skull.[5]


He was taken to Battleworld and there Iron Fist I lock him up with Heimdall's sword. A creature took it giving him the power to be immune to the sun. After he was accidentally freed by Falcon.[6]

Dracu Venom



  • Vampirism: Dracula, like all other vampires, is capable of transforming an individual into a vampire by biting them.
    • Superhuman Strength: Dracula possesses superhuman strength. Dracula can lift about 4 tons under optimum conditions.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Dracula's natural reaction time is enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural limits of the human body.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Dracula is capable of regenerating damaged or destroyed tissue to an extent much greater than an ordinary human. An example of this was when he broke a tooth on Captain America's shield when he tried biting him, then quickly regrew a new tooth in place of the old.
    • Fangs: Dracula has fangs and claws. He can quickly drain a victim of blood.
    • Hypnotism: Dracula is able to hypnotize others by gazing into their eyes for a short period of time. As Lord of Vampires, Dracula can compel other vampires to follow his orders unless their willpower is strong enough to resist him.
    • Shapeshifting: Dracula is able to shape shift into bats, rats, a wolf, and mist. He can also turn into human-sized or larger wolfen and bat-like forms.
    • Sorcery: Dracula is a very powerful magician. He is able to summon and command lesser vampires, undead, packs of wild dogs, bats, and rats.
    • Weather Manipulation: He has considerable control over the elements and weather. However, Dracula is severely weakened for an extend period of time afterward.
    • Longevity: So long as he feeds upon blood, Dracula is capable of extending his lifespan almost indefinitely.
    • Flight: Dracula possesses the ability to hover and fly, even without the use of his shapeshifting abilities. Though whether this ability is due to his knowledge of sorcery or his natural abilities is unknown.
  • Venom Symbiote: Having been bonded to the symbiote, Venom, Dracula gained several enhancements to his own natural abilities. Venom made him stronger, faster, more durable and even gave him the immunity to sunlight he desired.


  • Sunlight: One of Dracula's greatest weaknesses comes in the form of his vulnerability to daylight. Exposure to it usually causes his body to begin smoking and is extremely painful for him. As a result, he must sleep within his coffin during daylight hours. There are ways around this weakness, as he was able to protect himself through his atmokinetic powers.
  • Gamma Radiation: Much like solar energy, if Dracula consumes blood from beings like the Hulk, the gamma radiation in his blood is capable of acting like artificial sunlight, weakening him to the point of retreat.
  • Theological Items & Wards: As with all other vampires, Dracula can be repelled by items holy in nature. This usually is based around the faith of the one wielding the item and not the item's size in general.
  • Stakes: Dracula's heart possesses mystical properties which keep him alive. However if someone were to pierce his body with a stake and impale his heart, it's more than likely to stop these properties from passing through him and possibly kill him.
  • Power Limitation: Despite being the king of vampires, Dracula possesses some limitations to his abilities. One such limitation is that he must sleep within a coffin full of his native land's soil to maintain his powers by day. His fangs are also incapable of piercing those with invulnerable hides and is incapable of mind controlling anyone with reflective lenses in their masks, such as Spider-Man.


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