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Dracula bit Ororo Munroe, turning her into the vampire Bloodstorm.[1] Dracula was later locked up in his coffin and kept in the Vault for safekeeping until the Marauders stole his coffin for their unnamed boss, but they lost it when they were attacked by the Outcasts while running through New York City's sewer system. Dracula later escaped from his coffin.[2]

He surprised the Six after returning from a mission and attacked Havok, biting his neck.[3] Before Dracula could kill Havok, the Beyonder awakened and released huge amounts of energy that forced Dracula to flee. The members of the Six and the X-Men hunt Dracula down, but he easily defeated them and even killed most of the X-Men to boot. Havok eventually recovered from Dracula's attacked and attacked him.[4]

Dracula survived and later met with the Beyonder to form a partnership with him. Beyonder agreed and gave Dracula people to feed on. Beyonder also promised Dracula to let him feed on any super-humans before killing them. Dracula then showed Beyonder (who was actually the Goblin Queen in disguise) where to find Havok, Magneto's citadel in Antarctica. After arriving at the citadel, Dracula was about to feed on Professor Xavier when Bloodstorm finally put an end to him by plunging a stake into his heart.[5]

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Seemingly those of Dracula of Earth-616.

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