Vlad Tepes Dracula was the prince of Wallachia (a modern-day region in Romania) during the 15th century.

When he was ten years old, he was induced by his father to the Order of the Dragon, a warrior brotherhood tasked by the Holy Roman Empire to battle the Turkish.

As Eastern Europe was in a chaotic state, Dracula bent Wallachia to his will and used cruelty and zero tolerance towards crime to restore order. He used Wallachia's superstitions to do so as well, implaing his enemies around his keep in Tirgoviste to create the notion of a ring of ghosts, and allowed his subjects to believe he drank blood.

At some point married Cneajna of Transylvania, begetting Mihnea.

"Amassed moral" and "intellectual weakness" eventually brought him down as the Draculas were ousted from Wallachia and scattered across Europe. The name changed, sometimes by design, like the Detzers and Dinnâges families, sometimes by marriage like the Van Dammes in Belgium.[1]

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