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Early Life

King Vladimir, Vladimir Fortunov, Baron Tristan Mangegi de Sabbat was the ruler of Latveria, his family has ruled the land for six centuries. He lived in Hassenstadt Castle in the capital of Hassenstadt.[2]

World War II

During World War II, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker solicited their help in exchange for not overrunning the country with Nazis. Although Latveria was spared from the Nazi war machine, the Fortunov family took notes on leadership from Adolf Hitler.[3]

Reign of the Fortunov Family

After the war he became and even more ruthless leader persecuting local gypsy clans.[4] Werner von Doom a local healer was asked by the King to try and cure his wife of cancer. When he failed he took himself and Victor into the Latverian Alps to flee retribution.[4] Many years later Werner's son Dr. Victor von Doom sought revenge against Fortunov. Using his advanced skills in science and sorcery, Doom gathered his people together and overthrew the King, slaying him and taking over Latveria for his own.[5]

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