Vladimir Zaitsev was a Russian mutant, and former member of the KGB, who eventually defected and formed a drug empire. The bounty hunter O.Z. Chase was hired to apprehend him, but Zaitsev killed several of his own men, framed Chase, who was arrested, and fled.

Upon hearing of his arrest, Dazzler of the X-Men, and old friend of Chase, accompanied by her teammate Wolverine, went to visit him in prison in Miami, where he explained how he was set up. Wolverine allowed himself to be purposely arrested to break Chase out, and thereafter the three were met by Henry Gyrich, who had bugged Chase's cell.

Gyrich told the group that he would drop all the charges against them if they helped him bring down Zaitsev alive, as the Unites States government intended on reprogramming him into a sleeper agent to place in the Russians' mutant program. The four chased Zaitsev through the Florida swampland, a chase that ended when Zaitsev was mauled to death by Chase's dog, Cerberus, greatly frustrating Gyrich.[1]


Zaitsev could discharge an unknown type of harmful white energy from his hands as a method of attack.


Zaitsev was a trained KGB agent.

Zaitsev is oddly never depicted in full color at any point in the one issue in which he appears. He is always shown either partially obscured by shadow or else discolored by the light of his energy.

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