Bonded with Silver Sufer.

The Void Knight symbiote was spawned from the living abyss comprising the Symbiote Throneworld in order to enslave the time-displaced Silver Surfer and convert him into a soldier for the Symbiote Hive.

Before Knull could do much more than comment on Radd's legacy of planetary genocide, Ego the Living Planet interceded - firing a beam of psionic energy that immolated the Void Knight symbiote.[1]

Subservient to Knull, the Void Knight was dedicated to his mission to destroy all light and lift in the cosmos.[1]


Those of the Silver Surfer, augmented by living abyss.


  • Void Knight's Surfboard: In mockery of the Silver Surfer's surfboard, the Void Knight manifested a similar Gigeresque construct from the living abyss; though it was destroyed by Ego alongside the Void Knight symbiote.[1]
  • In King in Black #1's timeline of Knull's creations, the Void Knight - like the symbiote dragons and Exolon - is listed separately from the rest of the symbiotes, and is stated to have been one of Knull's favorite creations despite having been short-lived.

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