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Vola was one of the Galadorians that volunteered to sacrifice their humanity to become cyborg warriors to save their planet from the Dire Wraiths. Vola was given the armor Trapper to wield. She became the leader of a cadre known as the Spaceknight Squadron which operated together in battle.

This group was instrumental in rescuing Rom from a Wraith induced delusion on Wraithworld.[1] Trapper would come to the aid of the people of Clavius against the Dire Wraiths who had allied themselves with the renegade Spaceknight Breaker when Rom, Seeker, and Scanner would arrive. Together they are able to defeat the evil coalition and Rom neutralizes and banishes Breaker to Limbo. They would then come across Gladiator the Imperial Guard of the Shi'ar investigating the destruction of one of their Dreadnoughts by what appeared to be another Spaceknight. It is discovered that their fellow Spaceknight Squadron member Pulsar had been mortally wounded in combat with a Deathwing and his armor taken by Tyreseus in an attempt to strike back at the Shi'ar Empire. In the ensuing confrontation, Rom neutralizes the Pulsar armor's power and Tyreseus flees to a planetoid where he is slain by Gladiator. The surviving Spaceknight Squadron members bury the body of Tyreseus and Gladiator opens the Stargate to send the Spaceknights home to Galador. They arrive to find Brandy Clark of Earth in the Halls of Science threatening to destroy the stored humanity of the First Generation Spaceknights. Heatwave, one of the renegade Second Generation, calls her bluff by destroying the cryo-vaults himself forever dooming the Spaceknights to their cyborg form. In the ensuing battles, the remainder of the Galadorian people are killed and Vola is slain while defending Scanner who sends a homing signal out to all the remaining First Generation Spaceknights that were trying to relocate the lost Galador.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


Flight through use of stardrive rocket pods located on the back

Physical Strength

Superhuman Strength



Galadorian Plandanium Armor


Utilized containment nets to capture prey. Also able to administer lethal shocks.

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