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The Voldi were a race of avian-descended humanoids. They lived in an artificial world called the Voldi Tear that was powered since ancient times with energy the Voldi harvested from cosmic beings, including Galactus, the Phoenix Force and the Celestials. The Voldi used a cloaking device of Aspirant origin that became known as the Heart of the Voldi to conceal themselves from the beings they leeched from.

So to seek protection from commonplace threats, the Voldi leaned on younger cultures such as the Shi'ar and the Kree, exchanging knowledge for protection. The Voldi's influence in these cultures manifested in the form of the Kree Legal System and Shi'ar fashion.[1]

In modern times, the Rigellian Recorder 451 located the Heart of the Voldi, and drew Iron Man to the Voldi Tear, knowing they regarded him as a deicidal criminal for taking part in the then-recent destruction of the Phoenix Force back on Earth.[2] 451 used a robot fleet to attack the Voldi Tear, luring Iron Man to defend it during the hero's interstellar voyages. The Voldi eventually discovered the identity of their savior, and arrested him for the charges they held against him.[1] 451 presented himself as an ally, and suggested Stark demanded his right to the trial-by-combat known as Shay-Tah Run, so he could use the commotion caused by the trial to slip past security and retrieve Stark's Iron Man Armor and send it to his aid.

In addition to that, 451 also used Stark's combat as a distraction to steal the Heart of the Voldi. Without the Heart to conceal them, the Voldi and their power-leeching became known to the Celestials. They arrived to the Voldi Tear and destroyed it, massacring the Voldi.[3]


The Voldi are humanoids of avian descent who resembled humans with feathered crests atop their heads in lieu of hair.

Their color skin may vary, from purple, to red, orange and blue.[1]

Alternate Universes[]


The Voldi were mentioned as existing in this universe.[4]



0; formerly 602,025


Type of Government


Level of Technology

Highly advanced

Cultural Traits

Recorder 451 described the Voldi as a passionate, decadent, courtly and bored culture. They were once a warrior race, millions of years ago. In modern times, they were romantics whose best warriors were at the most nothing but hobbyists with little actual combat experience.[2]


According to the Supreme Justicar, the Volid's faith stemmed from fact. They revered the cosmic beings they drew power from as gods. Among these gods was the Phoenix Force, known by the Voldi as the Void Falcon, whose dissipation on Earth they considered deicide. However, the Justicar herself also noted regarding their own species that "only half carry their faith any deeper than their lips."[2]



  • Tony Stark compared the Volid's culture as being Greece circa 50 B.C.[1] Writer Kieron Gillen mostly based the Voldi around Greece after its fall from relevance.[5] The Voldi are "openly decadent. Both have forgot the universe they find themselves in, and their relation to it."[6]


  • To have a beard is tremendously offensive for the Voldi.[1]
  • The Voldi were originally going to be called "Shi'ard," as seen in the solicitation for Iron Man (Vol. 5) #7. It was changed because the similarity in the names between Shi'ar and "Shi'ard" would've been confusing.[5]

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