Volkhvy was the cultural hero of the Slorenes, the dominant ethnic group of the Eastern European country of Slorenia. The Slorenes have always shared Slorenia with the Dudaks, a ethnic group who have never gotten along with the Slorenes. Thousands of years ago a racial feud between the Dudaks and the Slorenes somehow became "infected with mystical power," which resulted in the creation of Ember and Volkhvy. Since then the two have at intervals taken possession of Dudaks and Slorenes in order to continue the age-old battle; whoever wins helps to insure the dominance of their ethnic group. Choosing to rule in secret as the true power behind the Slorene government, Volkhvy had abandoned whatever mystic artifact empowered him, choosing the power granted to him by The Program instead. The vampiric Volkhvy looked upon humanity as mere cattle, existing only to feed and serve him. [citation needed]

Who Volkhvy’s human host was remains unknown as does how he came to power in Slorenia (although it was said that the country had endured generations of Slorene tyranny, even under the Communists, suggesting that Volkhvy had been the power behind the throne for many years).[citation needed]

Both he and Ember, along with the Dudaks and the Slorenes, were killed by Ultron.[citation needed]


  • Volkhvy possessed superhuman strength and, with the aid of The Program, was capable of transforming humans into Targoth and controlling them. Any other powers remain unknown.


Volkhvy sometimes wore armor and carried a black sword that glowed with an unknown energy.

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