Volonius the Seventh was the last Kull, the sovereign of Valusia (as they were named after Kull ruled, 500 years before), circa 18,000 BC. He was appointed at this position by an unnamed general.

When Kull, lost in time, came to Volonius and presented himself, he was thought mad and imprisoned on Volonius' order (though the boy-Kull stated later it was the priests' decision).

A few days later, during the Great Cataclysm, the general insisted that the boy-Kull should stay in the palace, but then deserted. Volonius met Red Sonja, sent from circa 18,500 years BC to retrieve Kull. The two fought a party of thieves trespassing into the ruined palace, and Sonja killed them all. Volonis then brought her to the Kull. He then died by falling into the collapsing ground of the City of Wonders.[1]

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