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Volx was the queen of the Dire Wraiths. Volx's daughters were practitioners of dark sorcery while most of her sons (except Dredd who preferred sorcery) were interested instead in science. Volx's interests also laid in science.[1][2]

After Rom banished all the other Dire Wraiths to Limbo,[3] Volx made her way to Earth in an attempt to find her sons' Torpedo Armor. First, she killed two Xandarians to get to Earth,[4] then got into a fight with the New Warriors. The Warriors believed that Volx died in an explosion, but she actually survived.[1] Later, she killed two reporters,[5] Michael Jeffries, and possibly his second cousin Danny Jones in her search for the Torpedo Armor. After she killed Jeffries and assumed his form, she tricked the New Warriors into letting her wear the Torpedo Armor one last time before Jeffries was to give it to Danny Jones. Upon this she was able to tap into the suit's real power, something its previous users had never been able to do.[6]

Stealing a device capable of removing the super human powers of everyone on Earth, she stole the Power Pack's ship Friday and planned to detonate the device removing heroes from the world. The New Warriors defeated Volx and Night Thrasher (Dwayne Taylor) presumably murdered her.[7]

Volx was later seen in Limbo. She died again when she destroyed a Skrull impersonating her son Dredd after he merged the Galadorian Sun with Wraithworld's sun in an attempt to revert the Dire Wraiths back into Skrulls and create a new Skrull Empire. The Wraiths were allowed out of Limbo, and Wraithworld was put at the opposite Langarian Point of Galador.[8]



  • Sorcery: Volx was able to skillfully use Dire Wraith magic. While there are only a few example of her using magic, she was once able to repulse the Annihilators team with ease.[9]
  • Shape-Shifting: Volx was capable of shape-shifting to mimic the appearances of other living creatures.[10][1][5][6]
  • Memory Appropriation: By sucking out the brains of her victims using her tongue, she could absorb their memories and even mimic their personalities, which made her shape-shifting even more effective.[10][5][6]
  • Telepathy: Volx demonstrated telepathic power. She could link telepathically with other Dire Wraiths and read the minds of others using her tongue.[11]


Skilled in the use of Dire Wraith technology and magic



Advanced technology used by the Dire Wraiths; formerly Torpedo Armor


Formerly Smartship Friday

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