Von Bacht was as Nazi spy who was active during World War II. In the spring of 1943, a Russian prisoner of war escaped from a Nazi concentration camp with film proving that the Nazis were torturing prisoners contrary to international law. This film made its way to the United States where it was to be shown in newsreels to be seen by the American public.

Learning this, Heinrich Himmler ordered Von Bacht to track down and eliminate all copies of the film. On the opening screening of the footage, Von Bacht attacked the theater showing the film, leading to a clash with the Human Torch and Toro who failed to stop the destruction of the footage. However, learning that another copy existed in the possession of the theater owner, they allowed Von Bacht to learn this to lure him into a trap.

When Von Bacht and his men went to the theater proprietor's home, they were ambushed by the two heroes who easily stopped them and turned them over to the authorities.[1]

Von Bacht's subsequent fate fallowing the War is unrecorded.



An apparent typo renamed von Bacht, von Batch, but both and the Official Index To The Marvel Universe: The Avengers,Thor & Captain America say it is von Bacht.

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