Von Belch was a Nazi agent that was active during World War II. Prior to the start of the war, Von Belch and a number of Nazi soldiers were sent into the United States to set up a secret base to launch attacks against the United States and Canada as part of a plan to take over North America. By the fall of 1942, Von Belch and his minions -- having used American supplies to build weapons and bomber planes -- began their attacks, flying across the Canadian boarder and bombing Canadian railroads and cities.

This attracted the attention of the Human Torch and Toro who were visiting Canada at the time. The flaming heroes fought off Von Belch's fighters as they bombed the train the two were riding on. Later, Von Belch attacked a city which the Torch and Toro were visiting. The two heroes once more clashed with Von Beltch, forcing him to retreat when his plane was set on fire. The two heroes found an note dropped by Von Blech proclaiming him as the "Canadian Fuhrer" and warned that he would attack again.

However, his burning plane proved to be his undoing. Using the fire as a beacon in the dark night skies, the Torch and Toro followed Von Belch back to his secret camp just past the boarder. There, the two heroes made short work of Von Belch and his minions. As they were being rounded up by the RCMP, the Torch and Toro learned that they used regular consumer goods, such as frying pans, to melt down into their weapons shells.[1]

The fate of Von Belch following the war is unrevealed.


Von Belch had access to German bombers.

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