Von Goober was a Nazi spy that was active during World War II. By early 1943, he and his men operated from a hidden bomb shelter that was located under the Tunnel of Love at the Coney Island amusement park. When the Nazis plotted an air raid of New York, it prompted an air raid warning and emergency blackout. Von Goober and his men climbed the amusement park's parachute drop and placed spotlights so that the German bombers had a target. Their plot was hampered by the Sub-Mariner. Despite the heroes' effort, Von Goober and his men managed to escape while the bombers succeeded in decimating Coney Island.

After the Sub-Mariner rounded up the bomber pilots and the crew of the U-Boat, they arrived on and turned them over to the Coast Guard, he began looking for Von Goober and his men. Locating their secret bunker, he attacked them but Von Goober fled. Attempting to escape in a speed boat, Von Goober was captured by the Sub-Mariner who turned him over to the authorities.[1]

His subsequent fate is unrecorded.

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