Von Gukk was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. In the summer of 1943, he began leading New York youths into juvenile delinquency, by paying them large sums of money in exchange for carrying out crimes. To this end, he hoped to ruin American morale and make them focus on problems at home rather than on the war.

When newspaper reporters Jeff Mace, Jack Casey, and Mary Morgan began investigating the story, Von Gukk ordered some of the boys to rob them, in the hopes of boosting publicity in the press would further his goals.

However, despite being mugged, Jeff decided that someone bigger must be organizing the children and led them into a trap. With a large wad of stage money, Jeff flashed his money around as he was catching a cab. As planned, Jeff was mugged, and the boys led the three reporters to Von Gukk's hideout.

While the Nazi spies were busy tying up Jack and Mary, Jeff slipped away and changed into the Patriot. The Patriot defeated Von Gukk with the unlikely aid of the youths who were formerly in his command who had realized they were helping out Nazi spies and repented their ways.

Von Gukk and the other spies were turned over to the authorities.[1] Their subsequent fate is unknown.


Von Gukk was armed with a pistol.

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