Von Klutz was a spy for the Nazis during World War II. By the spring of 1943, he was stationed in Ireland. With his network of spies, he plotted a number of bombings which he framed the Irish Republican Army for in order to strain Irish-American relations. When he attempted to bomb an Irish coal plant, he was opposed by the Sub-Mariner. Namor tossed the bomb into the nearby water where it exploded harmlessly. Not recognizing the aquatic hero, Von Klutz hit him over the head with the butt of his gun. Then dressed the knocked out hero in ratty clothing and left a note leaving the authorities to believe that he was a member of the IRA. Namor was summarily arrested and locked in a prison with other members of the IRA who were rounded up.

Von Klutz then began rabble rousing the locals into forming a lynch mob and storming the prison. As they rioters broke into the prison, the Sub-Mariner broke out and escaped in the water below the prison. Working with members of the IRA that were still free, Namor prevented Von Klutz from blowing up a nearby reservoir. Capturing one of Von Klutz's men, Namor learned that he was hiding out in the O'Jeffer's Warehouse. Catching Von Klutz and his men off guard, he easily rounded them up and turned them over to the authorities.[1]

Von Klutz's subsequent fate is unknown.


Von Klutz had access to various explosive devices.

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